Pandemic-Exhausted Consumers Turn Back to Instant Everything

January 27, 2021 | Sakshi Sharma

This pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways. Avoiding handshakes, social distancing, and work from home are some of the significant changes brought about by Covid.

The other significant change is the way in which consumers are accessing their products and services. Online sales which were steadily increasing even before the pandemic are experiencing an even larger boom now.

Instant gratification has always been a hallmark of consumerism and Covid has made customers even less patient. They have started expecting their questions or concerns to be addressed immediately. Convenience is what matters to the customer as several of them are working from home and easy access to services saves time.

Consumers want their products fast be it food or coffee. This behavior of the consumers has helped several businesses to increase their sales making them more money.

Ready to drink cocktails

Steep’t cocktails which enable you to make a cocktail within two to three minutes are one of the brands which are doing very well. With bars closing and people staying at home, the demand for ready to drink products has increased considerably. Other brands such as Cheeky cocktails which offer pre-made syrups so you can make a spirit of your choice and St. Agrestis, which sells ready-to-drink negronis, are seeing increasing sales.


The market for instant coffee is soaring. Here again, the fact that more people work from home has boosted coffee sales. Rituals, a company which sells instant coffee have seen their sales triple this year. Joe coffee saw an almost 450% increase in their sales. Verve Coffee in California which offers both a Swift Cup-produced packet and a ready-to-brew package made by DripKit is seeing a huge increase in their customer base.

If you’re planning to start a business selling coffee or already have an existing business, an app will help you to grab the attention of customers. It increases your brand value and helps to increase sales. They also help build customer loyalty. A premier development company like SDI can help build an app that you can be proud of. Our experts can help you avoid the pitfalls in business and help you market your product better.

Meal Kits/Prepackaged Food and Drinks

Consumers are increasingly turning to meal kits for a change in routine or even to completely replace making meals at home. There are people who don’t prefer ordering from restaurants and would prefer a meal kit instead. Tovala, a startup that offers meal kits along with smart ovens to do the cooking has raised around $20 million. The bulk of Tovalos growth has been after the pandemic struck.

Sun Basket, a meal kit provider that focuses on organic ingredients is seeing a growing demand for its new Oven-Ready meals. These meals can be cooked at home within six minutes. Consumers will end-up cooking more at home post-pandemic which means that the demand for meal-kits is bound to continue increasing.

Sun Noodles North America which has been offering packaged ramens for more than a decade has seen a significant spike in sales this past year. This has encouraged the company to go in for more products, like teaming up with six of the New York area’s most respected ramen chefs. They are then selling frozen versions of their signature bowls.

In fact, the market for prepackaged food and drinks is so huge that Nestle brought Freshly Inc., a subscription-based outfit delivering prepackaged meals for $950 million.

By all indications this growth in popularity is only going to continue since instant food saves time for consumers and it’s more convenient and comfortable. It is of course essential that the highest quality standards are maintained to retain and attract customers.

All the businesses and companies mentioned have leveraged technology to increase their sales and bring in more profits. Their strong online presence either by having a highly interactive mobile app or an attractive website has helped them retain as well as attract new customers.

If you want your business to expand and develop, it always makes sense to contact a successful app development company like SDI to create a custom website and/or app. We offer cutting edge technology solutions to solve real problems. Deliverables will be on time and within your budget. Typically the cost to build a custom website is $3,000 to $5,000 and for a mobile app $6,000 to $8,000. This depends of course on the number of features you will need.

For questions and quotes contact us at 408.621.8481 or to create or update an app or website for your business.

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