How to get your mobile app development completed and to market fast

March 5, 2019 | Sakshi Sharma

How to mobile app development done quickly

Conceptualize your idea

Understand your target market

Prototype the functions which match what users want

Virtualize development and test environments

Design and user experience must be perfect

Proper testing

Stick to the plan

In this fast-paced world, the mobile app market is expanding drastically. The Google Play store has well over 3 million apps and the Apple Store is home to over 2.2 million apps. More and more businesses are adding a mobile app to their repertoire. Mobile app marketing is becoming more competitive than ever. To ensure visibility of your app in such a huge arena, you need to be more specific about the methodology being followed for mobile app development. To create a successful and featured mobile app you need to follow a systematic and defined process to app development.

Mobile app success is an exciting journey and not a one-step process. Businesses strive over time to refine their mobile app to better meet the needs of their customers and accomplish success. Being a business owner, you will most likely know when you want the mobile app development to be completed so that you can launch it. If you really want to be on time, you must have an app development company which follows a process-oriented approach starting from requirement gathering to app store submission. Let’s deep dive into the strategies you need to handle during your mobile app development.

What are the steps to creating a successful app for my business?

Many times people dive head first into their mobile app development with no strategy or clue about the process. This is especially common for those who are building their first app. They also tend to ignore and dismiss some really important factors which could lead the app to success. The lack of planning can lead to complications which in turn destroys their momentum, the app to market time, and costs more money, time and resources.

Here are some strategies that could help you in making your mobile app development journey a successful and ensuring you are quick to the market.

1. Conceptualize your app idea:

Great apps were built based on great ideas. Conceptualizing your ideas plays a critical role in mobile app success. In this phase, you should:

Identify a problem which can be resolved by your app – There should be a valid reason for any app to exist. For example, Uber was developed with an objective to offer convenient, cost-effective and safe riding experiences to its users. Like this, your app should possess a concrete objective to resolve a real-time problem.

Decide the features of your app – If an app fails, it happens during this phase. It is advisable to only use a couple of the most important features your app has to have. Keep the other features for a later version. This significantly helps speed up the mobile app development phase and gets you to the market much faster.

Decide your revenue model – When you are building an app, it is important that you understand what the best way would be to monetize your app. There are many options but you must analyze many different factors like the target audience to determine the right course of action. Once you do, make sure you stick with it.

Defining the target market & audience – It is essential to define your target audience in advance even before starting to develop the app, it could prove highly beneficial. This ensures every decision you make is about what your users will like most.

The app should provide users with tangible benefits and also provide them with great experiences that keep them engaged.

2. Collaborate

Current agile development methodologies like scrum, encourage ongoing collaboration in application requirements definition and development between end-users and the software team. The more you keep the end-users actively engaged in the mobile app development process, the less you will have to worry about the app drifting from business expectations. When you meet business expectations dead-on the first time, your apps can be placed into production without delays or complications.

3. Prototype

There are multiple prototyping tools like Marvel, Moqups, and Invision that enables users and developers to see the flow and layout of the app. Whenever you incorporate a new app element, create a working prototype for end-users to test drive and comment on can be incredibly useful. It is advisable to make adjustments in earlier stages of the mobile app development process than right before the app is scheduled to be completed.

4. Virtualize development and test environments

It is time-consuming to configure physical hardware and software for app testing and development. A better approach is to use your own virtualized development and test environments so that the developers can have dedicated test and development systems. With virtualization, the strain on your database administration process will also be reduced since the configuration and deployment of virtual systems are quicker.

5. Work on usability as much as technical features

Many data errors and end-user trouble reports are generated because of poor navigation and screen or design elements. Giving ample time to usability and technical design (UI/UX) can go a long way toward ensuring that your users enjoy and play with your app without uninstalling it due to the frustration they face.

6. Don’t forget quality assurance

It is important to thoroughly test an application from a user experience and technical performance standpoint. Firms are still seeing 50% of programming time being committed to software maintenance which happens because apps fail or don’t do what they are expected to do. This can be achieved by designing apps that work correctly for the first time and every time, thereby freeing up maintenance staff so you can redirect those resources into new mobile app development. However, keep in mind app maintenance will always be needed because technology is always changing and it will need updates.

Know What Your Customer Wants Before Building Your App

If you want consumers to use your app every day, making it an integral part of their daily lives. To make this happen and be successful, your app must offer something a consumer finds useful and easy to use. This means it should have the ability to provide more than a piece of one-time-use information that could easily be accessed on a website. Keep your customers engaged and help them to think out of the box while they use your app.

For example, the Starbucks app allows its customers to pay their bills directly and gives them reward points based on every penny they spend. Users of all kind expect a sense of personalization and as a business owner, it is essential to capture this in your mind and coordinate with the software solution providers like SDI in accomplishing it.

Is it worth it to pay more for app development?

Think about some of the most recent products or services that you’ve bought. Whether it’s a bike, cell phone, or cleaning services, there are different pricing concepts depending on certain parameters. This is the decade where almost every business is gearing up its mobile strategy. Even though it seems pricey and may not be reasonable for every business, you get what you pay for. If you want the mobile app development and design team to build your app correctly the first time, it’s not going to be cheap.

If you have a glance over at the Apple and Google Play Store, you’ll see over a million different apps that were built by independent developers, yet many of these apps will never earn a penny. You can’t expect to build a featured app for just a few dollars. Of course, that doesn’t mean spending a ton automatically means success because it doesn’t. Focus on getting results and getting your objectives accomplished instead of being super stringent on the budget. Also, be careful if a quote sounds too good to be true it probably is. You should know what the proper pricing is and how to avoid development scams before you look.

Developing a mobile app for your business is an investment, which can pay off immensely. It is the most powerful promotional channel, client base, e-catalog, online-shopping marketplace, consulting service platform there is. It’s vital to open new horizons and effectively handle a higher level of competition. Formulating your mobile app development this way helps reduce as many hurdles as possible, will keep your time to market schedule as accurate as possible, and lead to a better app launch. Partner with SDI – Silicon Valley’s top-notch mobile app development experts with more than a decade of experience across all industry verticals. Talk with our experts today and get a free app quote at: +1.408.805.0495 / +1.408.621.8481 or email

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