How to Market Your Android App on Google Play Part 2

November 9, 2016 | Raj Srivastav

There are legitimate techniques to growth hack your Android and iOS app. Earlier this week, we covered the basics of what good app marketing looks like; (click here to get caught up) today we’re going to dive a bit deeper into the key difference in marketing your app on Google Play, as opposed to the App Store.

App Discovery is the fancy pants term we use when discussing how your app comes to be in front of users. When it comes to The App Store, apps are promoted when they achieve a higher ranking:

• Top Reviews (stars);

• Top Comments;

• Number of Downloads;

This stands opposed to Google’s discovery process: tailored app recommendations based on previous User Downloads.

So what is so important about this difference? It means that an Android App needs to have its message on point. Your app description needs to be 100% clear, intelligent, and above all convey concisely what your app does.

This is important because it can put your app at the fingertips of users who are already interested in similar apps. This is a significant advantage over iOS because it saves you time identifying target markets and in cultivating interest. More importantly, this can be used as a huge marketing resource.

While a good marketer always has a list of identified users ready to go (long prior to launch!), Google’s Discovery algorithm is an excellent way to identify missed markets. Our marketing team conducts a discovery analysis of other apps recommended next to ours:

• What services exactly do they offer?

How are they different from what we’re offering? What services are overlapping? If our apps are essentially identical. What are they doing that we could do better?

• Is there message effective?

How are they phrasing the service or product they are offering? Are they using language that is more or less effective? Are we doing it better? Even if we are, what can we learn from them to improve our own app?

• Where are the users of similar apps spending their digital team?

This may be the most important takeaway here. Other apps on Google’s Recommended for You page already have tons of users. Analyzing these other apps can point you to key focus areas. This includes Facebook Groups (a valuable tool for brand promotion), niche social media groups, and other online resources.

There’s another point to make here: while this is all done by analyzing Google Play results, the information gleaned can be applied to iOS marketing techniques as well. Google’s app discovery process is an absolutely vital tool for the Savvy marketer!

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