Love Me Tinder: Pros and Cons of Dating and Matchmaking Apps

March 25, 2015 | Rob LaPointe

Love Me Tinder: Pros and Cons of Dating and Matchmaking Apps
Love Me Tinder: Pros and Cons of Dating and Matchmaking Apps

Tinder is one of the most popular apps around, and that’s quite an accomplishment as it sits in one of the most competitive niches for all consumer apps: dating apps. Tinder’s rise proves that even highly competitive categories can be reinvented and produce breakout hits.

Tinder launched back in late 2012, built by Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen, and Dinesh Moorjani.

It started to take off over the course of the following year and has over time become a staple app for young people looking to socialize.

Dating apps are an interesting category of apps. They fall into the greater “social” category but tend to spend a lot more time with one to one connection, where most social media only focuses on one too many. Tinder took advantage of inherent advantages in the dating app scene while borrowing from social trends to cover old drawbacks.

Huge Demand: Matchmaking and dating apps are always in demand. People want to meet other people, and modern technology is the fastest, most convenient way to do it these days. Tinder performs a function that many people desire, it’s as simple as that.

User-dependent: As a side-effect, a dating app can only be valuable if other users are on the platform. Nearly all social apps have this problem, and it makes early adoption a big challenge. To solve this problem, Tinder implemented integration with Facebook, so that becoming a new user would be super-simple so that Tinder was able to draw strength from Facebook’s enormous user-base. Once you gain enough traction, this “con” becomes a runaway growth engine, as the strong user-base becomes a major selling point and a very firm “pro.”

Monetization: Monetization is always a tricky problem. Like most apps, Tinder relied on being free as a means of gathering their users. But free is not a sustainable model. Recent changes to Tinder brought in-app payments which limit the number of potential matches a person can make each day. It’s a straightforward model and fights the use of automated bots that had started to abuse the system. However, it hasn’t been a popular move. The rating of the app has dropped severely since the change.

And remember that Tinder isn’t the only dating app around. Some other apps are just as successful, approaching love/dating in different ways. There’s room for more than one dating app success story.

LOVOO A modern app that helps users find local matches, mainly focusing on chat. The playful, beautiful design and the flirtatious culture of the app have led to a very successful app. Good design and the right kind of marketing can do wonders for attracting attention and building a community.

Videodate This one takes dating apps and puts a unique twist by enabling video chat as a core feature. This innovative app was featured in USA Today & TIME. Adding interesting ways to interact is key to attracting users away from older systems.

Zoosk Zoosk simply took the old “big data profile matching” kinds of techniques which drove major dating websites and transitioned them onto a mobile app for better access and user convenience. Zoosk’s main source of success was being an early-mover on mobile dating.

You might have some ideas of your own for the future of dating apps. It’s a fast-moving industry, and users are always on the lookout for new and better solutions. New apps that bring a positive twist to the game are always in demand.

Dating apps can be the tree of life for your business. If you have a dating app business idea or want to grow your small business into a big one with dating or matchmaking apps, the digital age will boost your app taking it to newer levels. App development and design can be challenging if you do not have the perfect iPhone app maker or android app maker.

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