Launch A Business With Massive Potential During The Lockdown From Your Home

September 29, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

The global economy was not ready for the Coronavirus. Every business and startup has been scrambling trying to figure out what their next steps are to keep going. While we are trying to find our footing the thing every business needs to understand is the entire dynamic between businesses as well as the overall buyer-seller relationship has changed drastically.

If you are thinking about starting a business this is something you need to fully understand because starting a new business isn’t the same as it was last year.

Focus on a business that has the home in mind. What are people doing more of, now that they are social distancing and focused more on being home? Also, think about when things do open up more about how you can alter that business in the future. Thinking about this first will help you create some small business ideas.


There are so many different options out there. You can choose from a long list of businesses. With everyone looking to find online work it makes sense to start a freelancer marketplace. While there are other platforms that do this you can focus on what those are missing and build that in as your own unique niche.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing have never been more important. If you love the sales game or know what is needed to create a great marketing campaign you can convert and/or improve how it happens online. You can easily take this global and provide services, consultancy, or education.

Delivery Services

The need for delivery services has grown substantially. It was growing before the lockdown but now even those who didn’t do delivery have converted. Many will end up continuing this service even after Coronavirus because the people who didn’t use it much before realize how convenient it is.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small local business because local deliveries are just as important as massive Amazon deliveries. You can create a website where local businesses can easily ship their items for delivery. Or if you have a small business already you can set up a website quickly for orders and deliveries. It’s low cost with high returns.

Consult and Tutor

Consulting and tutoring is also a great way to make money online. Whether you want to provide information and feedback to businesses or help kids and adults learn about a particular subject, this can be the perfect home-based business. Many are turning to online sources to learn and find out information. You just need a website.

Believe it or not, there is a huge market for this. People want to learn but have a hard time figuring out all the materials they need. You can provide a platform that allows them to get tutoring and/or classes for any subject.

Hire a Web Developer

When you have a grasp on what you will need a website for your business. The best thing to do is find a reputable website development company that can design, develop, and maintain your website to keep your start-up running smoothly. A solid company like SDI will be able to help you with all your business needs on top of creating a beautiful website very quickly.

This information isn’t just for start-up businesses, it’s also for established ones as well. Here are some tips for small businesses during the lockdown.

1. If you are primarily brick-and-mortar you should focus your efforts on boosting your online sales through your own website and use social media and blogs to drive traffic.

2. If you already have a website, you should seriously think about updating it to include features that make things more COVID friendly and offer other new features. It’s time to broaden your business.

3. You can even launch an app. Use this lockdown as an excuse to create the app or website you’ve always wanted. Include features that make it easier for people to do and get what they want without leaving home.

No matter what your interests or skill sets are, you can convert that into a fantastic online opportunity. The steps to a successful business launch are at your fingertips. You can easily start your own business, it just takes a little elbow grease and a small amount of money. Don’t worry though because a website can be created or updated within a wide range of budgets.

It can be easy to get frustrated with all these changes but staying focused and making decisions that flow well with our new normal is key. You may have come up with a ton of business ideas during lockdown which is great. Take those and narrow it down to what could be the most useful for everyone.

Business planning is a huge part of making sure you are successful. If you need help planning out all the steps and creating a website for your business contact SDI at or +1.408.621.8481 to get started.

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