Should I Invest in a Startup or Start a Business

August 18, 2017 | Rob LaPointe

Validating your Investment Decisions

A recent study of young people found that more than half of millennials planned to start a business in the next five years, but that entrepreneurial spirit can be a double-edged sword. For every business idea that succeeds spectacularly, there are dozens of others that fail to even get off the ground.

For every, there are dozens of and eToys. For every amazingly successful restaurant, there are dozens of eateries that close their doors after less than a year in business. If you want to succeed in the increasingly competitive world of business, you need a solid partner at your side.

Those planning to start their own businesses should not let the statistics cited above stop them or derail their dreams. There are plenty of great business opportunities out there, perhaps more than ever before. If you have a dream worth pursuing and the desire to make it work, you can still succeed in a spectacular fashion.

The statistics cited above point out that validating your business idea has never been more critical. Whether you are investing your own life savings in your new startup idea or pursuing your first round of venture capital, you need to make sure your business idea is sound, and that the marketplace is really clamoring for what you are about to offer.

When it comes to starting a business, what you do not do often matters as much as what you do. Investing in a winning business idea can be the key to success, but not investing in a bad idea can save you a ton of money and years of heartache.

Pursuing a bad idea or dream that has no realistic chance of paying off, wastes not only your money but something even more precious – your time. Every month you spend pursuing a goal that was ill-conceived from the start is one more month you could have spent working on a truly great business idea.

In the modern business environment, it is not enough to think your idea is a great one. You need to know you have a solid business model before you proceed, and certainly before you sink your hard-earned money into the new startup. That is why it is so important for would-be entrepreneurs to validate their ideas through a professional company like SDI.

A professional firm like SDI can help those would-be startup owners and entrepreneurs evaluate their business ideas, providing valuable input and guidance through the critical early stages of the process. An independent evaluation is more important than ever before, and it is something no business owner can afford to go without. The experts at SDI can provide that independent evaluation, offering impartial help and guidance through every step of the process.

Just as importantly, SDI can help startup owners and entrepreneurs with all the materials they need to make their vision a reality. In order to succeed in the business world, the new entrepreneur needs the ability to nurture that vision from infancy to launch. Companies like SDI provide the critical infrastructure and guidance business owners need.

The right experience is a critical element of success in the business world. Whether you are developing the next killer smartphone app or creating a software program that will change the world, you need solid help and guidance.

At SDI, we specialize in helping modern business owners evaluate their ideas, conducting market research, helping them understand their customers and finding the best way to get the job done. Even more importantly, the experts at SDI can shield entrepreneurs and would-be business owners from making the wrong decisions.

Part of our evaluation process is taking an impartial look at the idea in question, assessing how it would work – and what could go wrong along the way to avoid any costly investment mistakes. If you want proof, you need to look no further than the string of bankruptcies and bad ideas that emerged from the dot-com bubble and subsequent collapse.

Entrepreneurs are a special breed, and they have a unique way of looking at the world. Where ordinary workers see small problems and equally small solutions, those with an entrepreneurial mindset see the world in a much larger context.

That entrepreneurial mentality can be both a blessing and a curse, and sorting out one from the other is what the experts at SDI do best. If you have a great idea, we can help you flesh it out, evaluating its merits and helping you make the right decision. We understand the challenges of the business world, and we know that success depends on a robust platform and great technology as much as on a winning idea.

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