How to Make Money With a Wayfinding System

August 12, 2015 | Rob LaPointe

Wayfinding software leverages GPS mapping tools to guide users through parks, malls, cities, and even nations. The applications of such dynamic wayfinding software are endless; even better, it’s way underutilized. This creates an underserved market with a high potential for demand – the sweet spot for any entrepreneurial venture.

As Silicon Valley’s software and app design company, SDI has created numerous products that utilize wayfinding tactics for a variety of clients. Despite the huge opportunity that recent advances in this service represent, there has been surprisingly little market movement. Our expert developers and strategists see this as a crime and are anxiously waiting for the perfect idea upon which to capitalize. The market is primed and consumers are waiting – let’s make you some money!

What Wayfinding Software Does

Wayfinding is not a new concept. For millennia, people have been using wayfinding technologies to figure out where they are, where they are going, and how they’re going to get there. Only with the development of better mapping and surveying tech in the last century or so did this change: now determining the best route is to get from point A to point B is as essential as the other three aspects.

The advent of GPS and the internet hasn’t altered the fundamentals of wayfinding much. What it has done is to improve how all of this is accomplished – and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to make some really cool products. Today, wayfinding software can be useful in virtually any environment, from theme parks to cities to countries.

Wayfinding software is an all-inclusive product that can tell users how to get around a place, inform them of local happenings and can even be used to offer discounts, deals, and specials to users.

iGUide CDI

A few years back, SDI was hired by Casino Data Imaging (CDI) to create software to help guide visitors throughout some of their Las Vegas Casino Clients. What we created was an interactive program that informed users of events, dining options, and even brought up the details of individual games on each floor. Visitors could use an interactive touch screen kiosk that displayed the entire casino and even offered a dynamic starting point, with guiding animation. This helped users figure out how to get from any location in the casino to any other – no matter where they were at the time.

Walkee Disneyland iGuide

This particular program is designed to function as an engaging mobile app and has some really cool interactive features that are a fantastic addition to any basic wayfinding software:

  • Just like our CDI iGuide, this app allows users to figure out the best way to navigate the Disneyland Parks, including California Adventureland. It informs visitors of good food spots and connects them to the parks event planner

  • A awesome little feature is the ability to create and manage a customized itinerary. Users can create a to-do list, and the app helps determine the best route based on each item, based on the user’s current location. Park-goers can even check off items as they are completed!

  • The Disneyland iGuide also offers an excellent map zoom feature, so users can see highly detailed representations of the park.

  • The last great feature of this app is the ability to tell line times. This can be expanded beyond theme parks. If your software is largely targeting restaurants in Silicon Valley, users can be informed of restaurant wait times, order-to-table average times, and even table availability.


This mobile application is a little different than the above two but is a great example of how GPS can be applied to a digital interactive community. This client came to us with an ambitious plan – to create a wayfinding app that encompasses the whole Australian coastline. We came through in spades.

This app focuses on crowd-sourced alerts of different coastal activities. Users could tag and geolocate specific events or places (from shark and riptide warnings to local stores and whale sightings) and share them on the map, informing other users. The app allows users to route to the alerts, from their current location so that they could easily find or avoid specific alerts. We create experiences that makes users happy & clients successful – email us today to discuss your business idea.

Concluding Remarks

Wayfinding software is so underutilized it’s practically a crime. Currently, most mapping apps and software programs merely focus on getting people from one location to another. In reality, wayfinding products can do so much more:

  • They can connect users to local business and events

  • can This particular feature even be used to drive engagements through collaborations with local business. It can not only inform users of sales and specials, it can be used to provide discount coupons to users.

  • Users can plan their trip to optimize for anything from distance, to time, to fun had.

  • In a world where time management is a critical value, figuring out the best route for you is a selling feature.

  • Real-time alerts to users can help provide up-to-the-date travel information, improving users overall experience.

  • Users will keep coming back to the product that gives them the best answer without fail.

There are so many applications of this type of program that it’s ridiculous. You don’t even need to own a business where you need wayfinding software. This is the perfect entrepreneurial venture for the businessperson with some investment money. Wayfinding software practically sells itself – and SDI’s market experts can help you develop the perfect exit strategy.

Software Developers India employs a diverse team of software developers, app designers, sales strategists, and market specialists. We know the best ways to market, monetize and plan an exit strategy for any app or software on the market. With over 15 years of industry experience and building numerous complex software for SMB and enterprise giants, we know what works.

If you are looking for a wayfinding software company, you’ve come to the right place. Our cost-effective pricing is designed to fit any budget and our expert developers specialize in rapid and efficient development and a quick turnaround time.

Take a look at some of our fantastic work and shoot us an email now or call us on 408.805.0495 for a free consultation. We love hearing from potential partners or folks who share the same passion for success.

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