How To Get Your Art Noticed

July 12, 2022 | Sakshi Sharma

Artists are drawn to unique and thoughtful pieces. If you’re an artist, selling art pieces could be your main source of income.

However, displaying your pieces at an art gallery can be an expensive affair. Additionally, there are many logistical issues involved. If you are an upcoming artist, not many galleries would be keen to house your artwork.

The good news is, that you can now start your own art gallery without having to invest huge capital. Do you know how? You can simply create an art gallery website in your name.

As explained by the US Trust, one in every five high net-worth individuals collects art.

>How can you benefit from a digital art gallery?

Cost-effective bet:

Once you decide to set up your art gallery website, you must know you have made a smart bet. If you do so, you will not have to pay hourly charges for renting an art gallery. Similarly, you do not have to raise a big sum to invest in space and renovate it into an art gallery.

The amount saved can be used to buy the additional inventory to roll out one-of-a-kind artwork. Similarly, you will have some extra money handy to carry out the necessary marketing and promotions.

Free from time constraints:

When you rent an art gallery, you get to display your work only for a certain number of hours. But if you own the gallery, you get to sell only for the hours it is open.

If you create a virtual art gallery, you can eliminate these factors. Such an art gallery will remain open 24/7, which means you can sell around the clock.

Art lovers can choose a time convenient for them and explore your work. You can also attract an international audience.

Increased traffic:

When you rent or own an art gallery, only a fixed number of people will visit you to see your work. This is not the case if you unveil a virtual art gallery platform.

If you advertise smartly, even people who have no intention of buying an art piece will come to your website. before you realize it, one of your best and most expensive artwork will be sold.

There is no denying that online presence gives you more traction compared to offline existence.

As per Statista, around 30% of art was sold through online channels in 2020.

Ability to house more options:

A successful art gallery has multiple mesmerizing artworks on display. The more choices there are, the brighter the chances that your visitor might find something that appeals to them.

This may work as a hurdle in the case of an offline art gallery. Since the space in the art gallery is limited, you can only house a certain number of artwork. This may lead to some of your best pieces not finding their way to the gallery.

Instead, if you build your website to exhibit your artwork, you can put it on display. The more options, the more chance you have of obtaining multiple deals.

Brand Creation:

It doesn’t matter if you are the best artist because people prefer buying artwork from artists who have created a brand name in the market.

This is exactly why you must plan your art gallery on the virtual platform well. On your website, you must speak about your inspiration behind becoming an artist. You must highlight your vision with your art. It is an equally great idea to describe each of your art pieces. If you do so, people will know what exactly it is that they are buying.

As people come to relate with your brand, what will follow is a word of mouth publicity until one day when you will end up becoming the talk of the town. Remember, what is needed is thought and precision, when you design an art gallery.

It is time to start working on your art gallery business model:

“Every artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his paintings.” – Henry Ward Beecher

If the question, ‘how to start an art gallery online?’ is bothering you, then you must begin with a certain amount of planning.

You need to first decide on the look and layout of your virtual gallery website. Next, the website should be user-friendly so that people do not spend a lot of time just navigating between headers.

You can opt for segmentation so that your website visitors do not have to wander around the entire website but can straightaway visit the section that appeals to them the most.

It will help if you engage the services of a professional, which will allow you to focus on your artwork while the website is being designed in the background. If you require any more details, feel free to call at +1.408.621.8481 or write to us at

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