How The iPhone 6s 3D Touch Will Change our World

September 18, 2015 | Rob LaPointe

How The iPhone 6s 3D Touch Will Change our World
How The iPhone 6s 3D Touch Will Change our World

Apple is known for changing the world. Time and time again, Apple has taken the tech industry uprooted it, and turned it on its head. This year’s special event showed that CEO Tim Cook isn’t slowing down. Probably the biggest news they dropped is a brand new touch screen feature: 3D Touch.

Touch 3D seems like a minor or insignificant update at first, but in reality, it’s a very exciting advancement. Our developers are convinced that this is the next big step in how we interact with our mobile devices. So, is it? Will 3D Touch revolutionize human-computer interaction? Let’s start with what 3D Touch is and what it does.

What is 3D Touch?

At its most basic level, this feature allows iPhones to determine the amount of pressure being applied to the screen. This sounds pretty uninteresting, but think about it like this: it allows users to operate multiple features of their phone merely by alternating how hard they’re touching the screen. 3D Touch carries some heavy implications for the app development world – don’t let your business fall behind!

It works by measuring the distance between the backlight, where the capacitive sensors are (they measure electrical activity – which is how your screen knows your fingers are on the screen) and the screen. Through an extremely complicated algorithm, iPhones are able to translate this distance into two tap pressure levels soft and hard or Peek and Pop.

It’s got some really cool features. Peek, with a slight touch, lets users get a preview of an email website, map, and so on. With a bit more pressure, users can activate Pop, which is essentially a more in-depth view. Here are some direct applications of each:

Peek and Pop

  • Email with Peek, users in their inbox can quickly look at a snapshot of their emails. With Pop, more pressure will bring up the entire message for perusal.
  • Shutterbugs lookout! Peek and Pop both integrate with your camera and let you easily view photos that you just took. Push lightly to Peek and Pop in if you want to more actions.
  • Websites: I don’t know about you guys, but I hate it when I need to leave the screen I’m in to see what’s behind a link. Well, apparently someone at Apple was listening. Peek will bring up a preview of a link’s end destination – without having to leave the app they’re in. Once you’re done viewing, simply stop pressing. Or simply press harder to Pop into the website.
  • Mapping is probably my favorite new feature that 3D Touch brings us. Peek allows you to lightly touch an address and automatically bring up the location on maps app. Push harder to Pop into the maps app, or let go to return to your original screen

Other Features

“Quick Actions”

  • Quick Actions is Apple’s name for the other major ability of this app. Apple is leveraging this feature to let users open up commonly used apps – sometimes with a single touch.
  • Quick Actions also applies during the Peek and Pop features, where slight changes in pressure can bring up the Quick Actions (anything from saving a link to adding a document to Pocket, or a swipe can save or delete an email.
  • Maps also went another big overhaul – Quick Actions makes it easier to bring up maps, route to a direction drop your location, and search nearby. Heck, it even lets you share you location with only a tap or two.

What it Means

Techies are a passionate group. We tend to get very excited about new advancements because we see the end potential. With digital tech so pervasive in our lives, it can be hard to see why this is such a big deal, but ask a techie what they think of 3D touch. I bet they will talk your ear off about how great it is. Speak to an expert and get an app quote on iPhone app development.

Will this change the world? Possibly. In an interview, Tim Cook said:

“3D Touch is a game changer…it really does cut out a number of navigational steps to get where you are going.”

It’s a big move forward in creating a more responsive and intelligent device. 3D Touch is unlikely to be the endgame in responsive touch screens; other competitors will probably follow suit soon and they will probably improve upon Apple’s work (remember, the tech world is iterative and thrives from multiple inputs). 3D Touch may not be the end all be all, but it is a catalyst. It’s the spark that helps the tech world catch fire.

At SDI, we love working with Apple products because they are constantly changing the interaction between humans, their phones, and the world. Not to mention, Apple has consistently delivered the best looking and most logical designs on the market. Transparent app development cost for entrepreneurs and startups, thereby turning ideas into profitable solutions.

3D Touch will revolutionize how we navigate our phones and other mobile devices. Dropbox and other larger companies are already integrating their products with this new feature. All that’s waiting is to start integrating your app with 3D Touch.

If you have an iOS app, or just a great idea (we also build apps for Android!) app, give us a call at 408.805.0495 today. Get a free business consultation from experts in Silicon Valley. Our developers and market strategists can get started on your project right away! Game On.

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