How Fitness Apps can Help Entrepreneurs Conquer a Business

July 13, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

How Fitness Apps can Help Entrepreneurs Conquer a Business
How Fitness Apps can Help Entrepreneurs Conquer a Business

In the last few decades, exercise and fitness have become a huge concern for millions of Americans. Exercise has undergone many different iterations, but the most important one is also the newest: fitness apps.

Fitness apps cover vary from gadget apps that monitor biometrics to SmartPhone apps that provide and track exercise routines. With so much focus today on fitness, there is a huge market for fitness apps. Apps like Obstacle Trainer, designed by Silicon Valley app makers SDI, are a huge success because there are so many opportunities for fitness apps to thrive.

One of the best advantages of this market is that there are so many different ways to stay fit. Some, like Obstacle Trainer, focus on exercise sets while others, such as Map My Run, help direct exercisers along routes. Of course, these are only two simple examples; since fitness is an extremely broad topic, hundreds of fitness apps can be created and they will all be different.

Features of a Successful Fitness App

There are some key elements in a successful fitness app:

1. A niche

a. Apps like Obstacle Trainer focus on a niche – in this case extreme fitness people. Generalized fitness apps aren’t as popular for two reasons: there are a lot of general workout apps on the market and most of the niche apps do the same thing as the general ones, plus more.

b. Dedicated runners will share running apps they like with other runners – thereby doing your marketing for you. What’s the point of sharing a generalized app when they all are pretty much the same? People will want to share apps that meet all of their needs.

2. Calorie tracking

a. Caloric consumption is a growing trend among fitness apps. Fitness apps that don’t have this feature are falling out of style because they do not provide an accurate representation of a user’s fitness. An integrated feature where users can input their food for the day is now an essential part of the market. The best apps not only provide a place to track eating habits, but also automatically provide caloric detail and total caloric intake.

b. Not only does a proper fitness app monitor caloric intake, but it should also monitor caloric expenditures. A good fitness app is able to calculate how many calories were burned during an exercise. A great fitness app calculates the same caloric expenditure but allows for variables such as a client’s BMI. A great fitness app will also deduct caloric expenditure from caloric consumption. This provides a more accurate representation of a user’s workout and their actual level of fitness.

3. Differing Intensity Levels

a. As most people know, the fitter you become the better your body gets at burning energy. In order to progressively improve health, an exercise routine needs to grow in intensity.

b. Having levels of difficulty selected by the user also drives engagement back to your app. Users will feel compelled to continually push for the next level, especially when you develop the perfect compulsion loop (with which Software Developers India can assist you!).

4. Biometrics Monitoring.

a. More and more, users expect their apps to monitor their vitals, especially when exercising. For instance, Fitbit is an all-encompassing fitness gadget that monitors a wearer’s heartbeat, blood pressure, weight, diet, and more.

b. As Gadgets grow in popularity, biometric monitoring will become something that clients absolutely expect from their devices. If you have an idea on how to best monitor biometric information via a mobile device, don’t hesitate. Contact the app experts at SDI to get a free consultation before it’s too late.

Perfect Solution for the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are an exceptionally busy breed of people. Running your own startup or SMB is exhausting and requires more time than is in a day. With such demands on their time, most CEOs and entrepreneurs have no time to think about exercise and remaining healthy.

The irony here is that if anyone needs to be concerned about health and fitness, it’s entrepreneurs. The amount of energy entrepreneurs dump into their business is incredibly hard on one’s body and can end up causing severe health issues.

Combined with the fact that most entrepreneurs are early tech adopters, a fitness app is the perfect solution for the busy individual. The apps that track calories and biometrics can remind entrepreneurs when they need to eat, inform them when they need sleep, and when they should be exercising.

Being fit is a must for entrepreneurs. Continual exercise improves alertness, endurance and concentration – all essential for SMB and startup owners. When we know that exercise can help reduce tiredness by nearly 65%, how can entrepreneurs turn down such an opportunity?

Realize Your Dream Today

Mobile app development is the buzzword among startups, entrepreneurs and SMB’s these days. If you want visibility for your company the best way is to go mobile. Building an app is easy if you choose the right app development team.

It all starts with an idea and a hunger to excel. Contact us today and our experts will validate your idea, give you a free quote and guide your though the app development process that we follow. SDI specializes at designing apps (for a great price) that make money and wow your clients. Give us a call at 408.805.0495, or email us at

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