Why is Hiring Offshore Developers Beneficial for Your Startup

January 13, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

Are you stressed out trying to hire a development team that can complete your project the way you want within a budget you can afford? As a startup, it can be especially frustrating and time-consuming to find the right development company that doesn’t put you in the red. The first step is knowing that a dedicated developer is the best way to go. A team that is there to support your startup with anything it might need.

The next step is to hire an offshore development team. You may be wondering why specifically offshore. There are many reasons why startups can benefit more from offshore developers versus others.

Experience and Expertise

Countries like India are known for producing many talented programmers whether that be a Magento developer, PHP developer, etc. They have a huge talent pool to choose from that can complete any project you may need. There are also plenty of reputable one-stop-shop companies that are larger in size which provides every service you need from design, development, all the way to hosting and maintenance.

Yes, it can be harder to find a well-rounded company that can provide every service you need but with places like India who specialize in IT and programming you can have a team that does everything you want for a fraction of the cost.

Complete Infrastructure

As a startup, it can cost a lot of money to set up your own development infrastructure. You’ll need to hire a designer, developer, tester, manager, and more. Then you have to purchase hardware and/or equipment that you may or may not need. A proper company will understand your software development needs and be able to provide a complete infrastructure right away without you having to do a thing.

Don’t forget all the virtual tools and programs that are needed as well. Hiring the proper offshore company means peace of mind for you because the development company will do all the work for you from design to maintenance.

Reliable and Efficient

To be competitive in their market it is important that an offshore development team is both reliable and efficient. The processes set forth by these companies tend to be organized in a way that allows them to complete a task quicker which gives your startup what you need faster. With proper evaluation and reports of each step in the process, your business can monitor everything ensuring the highest quality product.

If for some reason something isn’t done the way you want, you can ask for a correction. This should be done free of cost as it must be done right. Reliable companies have no problem with this because they want to provide a great experience to keep you as their customer for a long time.

Quick Delivery and Support

One of the greatest assets when hiring a company is the level of support you receive from them. There is nothing worse than a company that completes something and then disappears. It makes it difficult to fix and/or get help when you need it. This is really where hiring a dedicated development team comes in handy.

From the beginning, it is best to get a timeline for the entire project start to finish. Any great company should provide this so ensure they do. Also, keep in mind that they can work with any internal team you already have or are going to have. The collaboration between the two parties should be seamless.

Once your project is complete, their offshore development team doesn’t stop there. There is a lot that happens after a project is completed. Technology evolves on a daily basis so a team that can maintain your product after its completion is crucial.

Offshore Software Development Pricing

Cost is generally the most important source when deciding who to hire. Hiring a development team in the US or UK can be quite expensive, an expense most startups can’t afford. Offshore programmers in India, China, and Eastern Europe can be less expensive. This can help save a lot of money but be careful who you hire.

Take the time to find reputable companies because there are unreliable companies who could take your money and deliver nothing. Make sure they have a solid US presence. This often means a company that costs a bit more but is still far less expensive than others.

Often times if you hire solely based on the price you find yourself wasting more money with a company that was too good to be true. If they say yes to everything and give you a price that is far cheaper than everyone else then you know there is a problem. With that being said don’t be afraid to hire an offshore development company because there are many great ones out there.

While there are many benefits of offshore development companies, not all of them are created equal. Like anything else when you search you will find scammers and legitimate businesses.

If you are serious about making your startup successful then hiring offshore developers could be the answer. They will have the ability to understand your needs and figure out what will work best for you just like any local company would but without breaking the bank. This solution can help you stay competitive in a market that can be difficult to get ahead in.

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