How A Good App Can Make You A Millionaire

February 5, 2021 | Sakshi Sharma

Every so often you come across someone who has made millions or even billions without a huge investment. Curious? Well, more often than not they are owners of a mobile app, a hugely successful mobile app. There is a growing list of entrepreneurs who have become immensely rich by owning an app.

Interested in becoming an app millionaire. Here are some points to help you become one.

1. Idea

It is essential that you have a clear idea about the product which you plan to launch. If it is a new product make sure that there is demand in the market. You should not develop an app that doesn’t solve a problem or isn’t fun to use. Or if a similar app exists, do as much research as possible about your competitors and how your app can be different from the rest.

Have a clear idea of the features necessary for your app, what kind of tools are necessary, whether you need a camera or GPS etc. Be very clear on who your target audience is.

You can always get the help of app development companies like SDI who will be able to run you through the various options available. Nobody understands the app market as much as we do.

2. Design

An eye-catching and unique design will give your app the much needed competitive edge. The app should be new but not completely new, it should fit with how users generally navigate apps. Accessibility is absolutely necessary to keep the users engaged. For example, the content should be brief. If the user gets tired of scrolling or reading, they may stop using the app completely.

A top-selling app is one that has a beautiful design. Everything has to be properly planned, fonts, color, navigation keys, keeping the end-user insight. A lot of attention and work is necessary so that the design looks fabulous for the consumer.

3. Budget

Define how much you want to spend. Costs will vary based on the features and functionality of the app. There are several ways to raise funds. You can find a co-founder who can fund your idea. A person who can shoulder the responsibility. Crowdfunding is another way to raise funds. If you’re able to pitch intelligently, you can always get sufficient funds.

All you need to spend is a service fee for the platform and a transaction fee for the payment processor. There are various models such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo among several others. Be careful about the rules defining the various platforms before signing up for funding.

You can also raise funds on your own by pitching to family and friends. Venture capitalists are also very interested in investing in apps if the idea is good, unique, and they understand it.

4. App development

Developing the app is the next step. To make your fantastic idea come true, execution has to be perfect. A lot of factors have to be considered such as the operating system, the hardware, the size, the functionality, performance requirements, etc. Also, stringent quality testing should be done on original devices to avoid any issues later.

Don’t let all these points overwhelm you. You can outsource to a highly reputed development company who will be able to provide you an app that matches your expectations and has all the knowledge to do everything from start to finish for you.

5. Submit the app

Once the app has been developed and you are satisfied with its quality, functionality, and compatibility, you can upload it into the app market. All the submission rules will have to be strictly adhered to so that you get approved quickly.

6. Marketing

However good the app is, strong marketing is necessary for it to reach users. Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have got immense power in making a product visible. The opportunities these sites offer should be properly utilized. Some of the other things you may want to do are distribute promotional videos, placing info about your apps in various blogs and press releases. Make sure that your app can be found in searches.

By getting the services of an app development company like SDI you ensure that you have a killer app. We take care of all the aspects and offer end to end services. We take pride in having the best design team who can create fabulous apps for a wide spectrum of industries and we know what it takes to succeed in the mobile app market. This makes our marketing unique and highly successful.

Call us today at +1.408.621.8481 or email us at and get ready for a successful journey.

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