Future Startups Will Re-arrange Our World Order

June 30, 2017 | Raj Srivastav

Past rounds of startups have changed the way people shopped. When Montgomery Ward introduced its catalog, generations of children had a new tool to use as they composed their annual letters to Santa. Other startups changed the way we traveled and connected with the wider world. Before AirBnB came along, cookie-cutter hotel rooms were generally the only option, but now strangers are opening their homes, sharing the cities they love and making money in the process. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft turned ordinary drivers into ad-hoc taxi operators, giving them a new reason to be on the road and a new way to profit from the vehicles they owned.

The Future of Reality

Those past startups changed the world in countless ways, but in the future, startup companies will do far more. Future startups promise to change not only the way we live but the very nature of reality itself. From augmented reality and virtual reality gaming to genetic testing that promises to change the nature of illness and healing, these future startups are laying the groundwork for a revolution on a whole new level, and mankind itself will be the beneficiary.

Technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence are still in their infancy, but in the 21st-century even the tiniest of infants can make enormous waves. Virtual reality may be just getting started, but anyone who has donned an Oculus headset knows how amazing it already is. Artificial intelligence may still be struggling to change the world, but it is already powering the voice-response systems of major companies, making smartphones more user-friendly and changing the way work gets done.

New Opportunities in a Changing World

For entrepreneurs and enterprising business owners, the fact that these new technologies are still in their infancy is actually a good thing. As the world of catalog shopping, the new worlds of augmented reality and artificial intelligence are still on the ground floor, and we do not yet know which firms will grow to be the next Montgomery Ward or Sears.

At SDI, we specialize in helping new startup companies succeed, providing all the elements for success. From a solid web presence and quality blog to smart advice and guidance born out of real-world experience, SDI is proud to offer future movers and shakers the resources they need to live their dreams – and to ultimately change the future of mankind.

A New World

It may seem like the subject of reality is simple to understand. After all, the reality is where we live our lives, work our jobs and enjoy our loved ones. In the future, however, reality will be what you make of it. Augmented reality is coming, and its interfaces are getting better every day.

In this brave new world, if you want to sprout green striped wings and take flight, you will be able to. If you long to live life as a different race, a different gender or even a different species, you need only don a pair of goggles, or a simple pair of virtual reality eyeglasses, to make it happen.

These images of the future of virtual reality may seem like literal flights of fancy, but augmented reality has some serious real-world applications. Psychiatrists are already taking advantage of augmented reality to better serve their clients and help them face their fears. Travel agents are using virtual reality goggles to give would-be visitors a sneak peek at their favorite destinations. Educators are using the power of augmented reality to literally make history come alive, giving their students special insights into what were heretofore cold and meaningless facts and figures.

Real World Applications in a Changing World

The examples are nearly endless, and as augmented reality and artificial intelligence get better and better, their real-world applications will only grow. That means endless opportunities for smart entrepreneurs, and countless businesses are expected to spring up in the coming years.

The world is now changing at an exponential pace, and the old linear way of thinking is no longer sufficient for future business owners. If you want to succeed in the 21st century, you need to look at the world around you, and reality itself, with new eyes. SDI can give you the resources you need to gain a foothold in this new world, so you can succeed in your desire to change the future of humanity and the very nature of reality itself.

In the past, entrepreneurs and small business owners had plenty of time to adapt and plenty of opportunities to change the way they did business. These days, the opportunities are greater than ever before, but the rapid way the world, and the future of humankind, are changing, means a faster response is needed.

At SDI, we help entrepreneurs and business owners recognize the amazing opportunities of the 21st century, and we help them take advantage of those opportunities like never before. Give us a call at 408.805.0495/408.621.8481 – or click to contact us!

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