Father’s Day: iPad Apps that Can Help your Dad’s Business Pick up Speed

June 19, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

Fathers' Day: iPad Apps that Can Help your Dad's Business Pick up Speed
Fathers' Day: iPad Apps that Can Help your Dad's Business Pick up Speed

We’ve all been here: a few days before Father’s Day and you just remembered. Now you’ve got to figure out what to get dad, and you’re at a complete loss. Relax, the expert iPad app developers at SDI are here to help.

Recent advances in mobile apps for iPad have made this platform an ideal solution for the traveling SMB owner. We gathered a short list of the best iPad apps for business. Get ready to shine this Father’s Day when you show Dad how he can growth hack his business with these simple Apple iPad apps.

1. Sunrise Calendar (Free)

The Sunrise Calendar app for iPad is a must-have for SMB as well as for your personal life. This free app was released for iPad back in 2014 and has really taken off as a go-to enterprise app for professionals here in Silicon Valley. Sunrise connects all of your major accounts (FourSquare, Google, Facebook, iCloud, and so on) to give SMB professionals a realistic look at their schedule. Sunrise easily lists your daily appointments and deadlines in chronological order. This iPad app is an essential business solution and will streamline all of Dad’s life and increase his SMB’s productivity.

2. Workflow ($2.99 – 40% Off for a Limited Time)

iOS traditionally focused on individual tasks, but the market is moving steadily towards mobile apps and iPad app development costs are decreasing. Apple has noted the trend and made several steps towards increasing the multitasking capabilities of iOS on the iPhone and iPad. Workflow isn’t the first automating app for iPad, but it is the best. Workflow flawlessly integrates multiple mobile apps and automates commonly used features. Using Workflow makes SMBs more efficient because it streamlines common practices, saving Dad time and sanity.

3. OfficeTime ($7.99)

OfficeTime is the most expensive iPad app business solutions on our list, but it is absolutely worth it. This is an essential money-saving tool that tracks minute billing details for SMBs. It easily allows SMB owners to customize the app for their unique market, track billable hours to the minute and expenses to the penny – and allows you to easily manage projects and clients. For a one-time fee of 8 bucks and no subscription fee, this probably one of the most important apps for any SMB. 4. Dropbox for iPad (Free)

Dropbox for iPad is a great mobile app that allows for easy navigation of Dropbox and lets you link both your iPad and your desktop. As Dad’s everywhere will tell you, disorganization is an efficiency killer. Dropbox for iPad lets its users keep all of their documents in one place, accessible from any platform.

5. SlideShark (Free)

This app has more than a cool name – it is the ultimate enterprise iPad app for Dad’s slideshow presentations. Produced by the well-known business solutions app makers Brainshark, this app keeps your Powerpoint presentation fully intact. Prior to SlideShark, viewing your Powerpoint on your iPad was at best a hassle, and more likely totally pointless, This is the perfect app for SMBs on the go and is an excellent solution for Dad’s who are always on the move.

6. Umbrella by OpenDNS (Free)

Umbrella is a security application for the modern SMB owner. In today’s digital era, hacking is a huge concern and can cost Dad his entire business. When large companies like Target and Safeway are getting hacked with increasing frequency, Umbrella can help protect your SMB from malignant forces by creating a secure connection for all devices in your network, from wherever your network is accessed. OpenDNS is a well-known California app development company and Umbrella represents the pinnacle of their digital security applications. Perfect for the businessman on the go, Umbrella provides the protection of your Dad’s SMB needs.

7. SplashTop Business (Free)

Splashtop Business allows SMB owners to access their PCs and Macs remotely – a business solution that any entrepreneur will tell you is invaluable. I’m sure Dad can tell you that we’ve all forgotten to get that important presentation off our desktop before we hit the road; well, Splashtop is the perfect business solution for the startup owner on the go. Unlike its competitors, Splashtop emphasizes multimedia and audio – an excellent option for those trying to make the perfect pitch to VCs.

8. GoToMeetings (Free)

One of the huge advantages of modern online age is the ability to have meetings with people from around the world. Any SMB entrepreneur will tell you how important it is – and then proceed to talk about how difficult it is to find a good app for organizing digital meetings. Previously, most apps either cost an arm and a leg or were so buggy that they were pretty much useless. Citrix is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and has an excellent reputation as an app development company. With GoToMeeting, Citrix has outdone themselves: this free app lets SMB owners easily create, organize, and record digital meetings from any number of locations – without loss of quality. Having an established and reliable communication network is one of the most important factors in the success of any startup.

Of course, any parent will tell you that the best gift is one you’ve made yourself. You know your dad best, so what do you think Dad’s SMB needs? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to develop your own app – the Silicon Valley-based app makers at SDI can help turn your idea into the best gift ever. Hire an iPad app developer at low cost pricing in Silicon Valley and let’s get started. Show up your siblings this year (definitely no older brothers here…) by getting your dad the best gift ever!

Get in contact with the 200+ app maker experts at SDI today by calling 408.805.0495, or by emailing us at team@sdi.la. Call now for a free business consultation, and get your dad the perfect present for Father’s Day.

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