How farmers can start selling their produce online in less than 2 weeks

April 21, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

You may have a small family-owned farm or a much larger farm you distribute to many buyers. Today, with all the major changes we’ve all been faced with many industries are finding it difficult to adapt quickly to these changes.

Many farmers all over are facing obstacles in selling their produce. For those who primary sell at local farm stands and/or farmers markets have seen the biggest change. The inability to attend farmers’ markets and the closure of their stands means a surplus of food they are unable to sell.

The Solution

If you’ve already been selling at a farm stand or farmers market you already went through the process of being approved to do that, but what is next. You may be wondering how you can get your produce sold now, after all, trying to sell to stores and restaurants requires a whole new set of licenses.

There is another quicker, easier, and more cost-effective answer. You can sell online. You don’t need a special license if you sell your produce online.

Follow The Rules

You can provide your customers with the ability to order online and provide them the option to have it delivered or picked up. Keep in mind that different states have a different set of rules.

For instance, California allows you to ship your food without a permit but you still have to ensure the places you are shipping to don’t have a ban on foods coming from pest-infected areas.

Also, take note that if you are planning to sell across state lines there are different sets of rules for that as well.

You should always check the rules of your state for shipments made by farmers. You may have other goods you want to sell besides produce. Some items can include, jams, pies, butter, and dairy. This same applies to these items as well.

It’s important to note that although licenses and other regulations are not imposed on items sold online you should still take food safety seriously. If a customer gets sick because of one of your items it can land you in serious legal issues and make it difficult for your business to survive.

Check your state guidelines for food safety and follow it closely to avoid any possible trouble in the future.

Getting Setup Online

Like most you already have a system in place for planting, picking, and then distributing your produce at various farmers’ markets. Your next step is converting your business into a digital one. Setting up a website and figuring out the distribution.

First, you need to get your website setup. If you hire a website development company, they will know exactly what is needed on your website. You don’t have to figure anything out. This will ensure you go live much faster than doing it on your own. A web designer will quickly be able to create a design that users will find easy and elegant making people come back.

• The key elements your farmers market website has to have are the following:

• List of products with an image, price, brief description, and add to cart

• Filter option to find certain items within a category

• Search to quickly find a product

• Delivery or pickup options

• A fast and easy checkout process

While those are the key elements, there are many more features you can provide your customers if you need it. Remember that the most important part is getting your excess produce out there quickly so you can sell it.


Most people are going to want it delivered. If you are a local farmer you want to ensure you have a mileage limit. Of course, if people decide to pick it up they will most likely be local as well so clearly state your location on the website. You must ensure you know how much of each product so your website can mark it sold out once that number is reached.

You may be wondering how you can get all your produce delivered. You most likely have a vehicle(s) that you load up and bring to the markets but now instead that vehicle is your delivery vehicle. Of course, there are other options as well, but with produce, it can be very difficult to get something set up and implemented if you don’t already have something in place.

The best way to move forward during these times is to adapt. Now more than ever people need a more secure and easier way to get food. Get your website up and running and start delivering all your great produce and other goods in less than 2 weeks with SDI.

Call us now to get started at 408.621.8481 or email us at We look forward to helping you with your business goals to keep your farm running.

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