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September 20, 2021 | Sakshi Sharma

A lot of mothers suffer from Postpartum depression after giving birth and for many, this is the first time they are experiencing depression. Statistics say that nearly 1 in 7 women suffers from Postpartum depression. While a lot of effort goes into taking care of physical health during and after pregnancy, mental health is often ignored.

Studies have pointed out that depression in mothers will affect the fetus also. Emotional well-being is as important as nutrition during pregnancy.

Meditation is one of the proven methods to maintain mental health and help alleviate symptoms like stress, anxiety, insomnia, and tiredness. There are several meditations and sleep apps in the market and one of them is Expectful.

This is a unique app meant to help women navigate the stressful and anxiety-invoking experiences of pregnancy and motherhood.


Expectful was founded in 2015 by Mark Krassner in New York. He had mentioned that the app was a tribute to his mother who struggled with anxiety during pregnancy and several years afterward.

This meditation app empowers expecting and new parents to remain calm during this important transition in their lives. It has an extensive library of guided meditations for mothers and also fathers. It even addresses very sensitive issues like pregnancy loss etc.

The app helps connect mothers all over the world by speaking to the common ups and downs that may come up during and after pregnancy. It helps women feel heard and understood.

Their fertility library has meditations such as Trusting Your Body and Embracing Uncertainty among several others, which help women connect with their bodies and also adjust to all the changes and uncertainty that can come with pregnancy, especially during the earlier stages.

The meditations are tailor-made to help a woman through all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. It also provides blogs, podcasts, and guided content on various phases of pregnancy and parenthood.

The revenue model of Expectful

This niche app is mostly used by women. It is available online and in the App store through monthly and yearly subscriptions. A seven-day free trial is offered initially and after that, the monthly subscription comes to around $9.99 and the yearly subscription around $59.99. Expectful was able to raise around $4.2 million in funding and the company is hopeful of growing exponentially.

Create your own meditation app

The “new mom economy” is a huge and expanding industry valued at $46 Billion. New startups are attracting a major share of venture capital estimated to be around $500 million. Incidentally, most of them are focused on physical health. There are only a few like Expectful which focuses exclusively on mental health and meditation.

Taking these factors into consideration this is the right time to start a meditation and or pregnancy app of your own.

The following are some of the stages you need to go through to develop a successful app.

1. Business idea

You need to be clear with the app type you want. A meditation app for new moms can have a lot of features and you can bring in your unique idea to offer something more than Expectful and other competitors. Extensive research can help you come up with newer ideas.

2. Right approach to UI/UX

Choose a development company like SDI that can help in creating a soothing design as your meditation app is aimed at helping mothers deal with their anxiety and stress. We take a lot of effort to understand your concept and come up with customized designs for your product.

3. Choose the platform

If your budget allows you can develop your app for both Android and iOS, but if this is not initially possible decide on the platform as both platforms have different demographic profiles. You need to be careful and choose the platform based on your target customer’s needs and wants.

4. Minimum viable product

It’s smart to launch a minimum viable product (MVP) initially. This is a version of your app with just the minimum features. This allows you to test the reception by the target audience and based on the feedback you can move forward with the full development.


More and more women are discovering the benefits of meditation every day and there is a huge market for apps that prioritizes their mental and emotional health especially during pregnancy. SDI can help build a better app than Expectful which is sure to take the market by storm. Our team of experts can work along with you to market and promote your app.

To get more details, call our experts today at 408.621.8481 or email us at team@sdi.la.

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