Entrepreneurs: Mirror Your Successful iOS App on Android

December 21, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

Entrepreneurs Mirror Your Successful iOS App on Android
Entrepreneurs Mirror Your Successful iOS App on Android

As a top Bay Area app development company, we frequently get asked for our expert advice. One of the most common questions we get is whether or not to develop on one platform, or two; and if on one platform, which one? The answer? As is often the case in this world, it depends on the situation.

Most of our clients are entrepreneurs or SMB owners with a limited amount of investment cash, so in general, we recommend starting off on one platform instead of two. Of course, if you aren’t constrained by a budget, then launching on both Android and iOS is definitely recommended. But for the purposes of this post, we shall assume that you have launched (or are thinking of launching) on only one platform.

While it may be tempting to view iOS and Android as basically the same, please refrain from doing so. There are specific tactics and tricks which fluctuate depending a whole bunch of factors. Just to start, the type of app you have can change your launch platform!

It may seem that these differences are inconsequential and minor, but all of these small differences add up to fundamentally different approaches to technology, UX & UI. I’m not here to tell you that iOS is better than Android or vice versa. I’m here to tell you which is better depending on general circumstances (if you want more specific details, drop us a line to get some free advice from our our marketing and development directors) Let’s dive a little deeper into the iOS and Android platforms and the various marketing/technological differences between them.

iOS Strategies & Techniques

iOS is specifically well known for a few things:

    • UX

    Apple is the master of design and ‘prettifying,’ and it really shows in the end design of all iOS apps, native or otherwise (or at least all successful iOS apps!)

    • UI/Ease of Use

    iOS is simple to understand and can be picked up quickly by even the most dedicated luddite (not that they would be caught handling a smartphone!)

    • Uniformity Android operates on dozens if not thousands of different devices. While this can be advantageous (see below), it also can be irritating when upgrading to a new phone. Since iOS is only for the iPhone and iPad, creating a uniform experience is much simpler.

    This also helps to make so-called ‘peripheral apps’ function smoothly and the same across many generations of a device.

    Finally, OS upgrades occur more smoothly with only one device.

Marketing and monetizing on both platforms are different, as well. It is undeniably easier to make money from iOS apps. Part of this is because the apps tend to be more robust or have more starting features; arguably the larger reason is simply that developers are more likely to charge for an iOS app and users have gotten used to it.

This may sound like a good reason to develop only on iOS, but don’t jump to conclusions yet – there are some benefits to developing on Android.

Android Strategies & Techniques

Android has it’s own unique qualities that can provide an advantage for the clever entrepreneur:

    • Screen sizes

    The iPhone has a good screen, but the large screen of many Android devices can provide a better viewing experience, especially for gaming and video apps!

    • Innovation

    Android apps are known for pushing the envelope in terms of what apps can and will do. If you got a cutting-edge idea, Android is the way to go.

    • Integration

    Android does a much better job of integrating the OS with both Native and Non-native apps. This is an excellent way to drive user engagement with your own app and helps build your brand.

While it may be easier to make money on iOS, when you do finally hit that 10,000 download goal the revenue potential is astounding. In other words, iOS provides a more reliable path towards generating revenue while Android offers more end potential.

Just think about it – Android controls 76% of the U.S. market. Even the smaller monetization strategies (i.e. ad banners or full-page ads) stand to turn a tidy profit. Even better, Android is fantastic when it comes to driving in-app purchases and credit card integration. The easier it is to purchase something in your app, the more likely someone is to do it.


The actual conversion of an iOS app isn’t overly difficult for an experienced app maker like SDI. The overall functionality will remain the same though, obviously, there will be some coding changes. With a few simple tweaks, we can get your iPhone app up and run on Android in no time at all.

Mirroring an app on a second platform is an excellent growth strategy and is the mark of a savvy entrepreneur. Not only is it much cheaper (much of the code can be slightly altered to fit the other OS), it’s a way to create a new market with a new revenue stream.

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