Top 10 Educational Apps For Students

September 9, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

Parents have always tried to limit their child’s exposure to various screen time, however, this quarantine has changed that mentality. Children are not able to physically go to school so parents and students need more tools to help them continue their education.

There are so many different educational apps for students in the market it’s difficult to figure out which ones will work best. Instead of having them play useless games and watch tv, have them use learning apps that are fun but still educational.

Here is a list of some of the top educational apps for kids and students:

1. Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Ages: 1-5

Cost: $6/mo or $50 annually

This is a great mobile app for really young children where they can learn all the basics they need to get them ready for preschool and kindergarten. They can learn numbers, letters, shapes, colors, even reading, and puzzles. The design of the app will keep your children interested in its use of vibrant colors with amazing 3D artwork.

2. ABC Mouse

Ages: 2-8

Cost: $10/mo but they provide a 1-month free trial.

As your kids make their way into Kindergarten this is a great way for your kids to learn as it has become a favorite among users. It keeps kids interested because it uses storytelling as a way to help them learn which pairs perfectly with activities and quizzes. You and your child can keep track of their learning path as well.

3. Quick Math Jr.

Ages: 4-8

Cost: Free

This is one of the best educational apps for kindergarten because what it does really well turns mundane math tasks into a unique and interesting game. Completing a math question means completing part of the game. The amazing graphics and ability to draw and write on the screen means your kids are more likely to not only learn math but have fun while doing it.

4. Epic!

Ages: 2-12

Cost: $8/mo but they provide a 1-month free trial.

This is a great alternative to regular apps as kids will find reading more interesting than before. Epic has thousands of books that provide an amazing read-to-me function that help those who are still learning or struggling with reading. It’s a great reading app in the house or on the go.

5. Stack the States 2

Ages: 10 and up

Cost: $3 to download

While this could be one of the best learning apps for students it’s more than that because it’s a fun game too. They do a great job of helping students with geography by incorporating questions into a game format. They can move forward by completing each round successfully.

6. Duolingo

Ages: 10 and up

Cost: Free, however, you can pay to remove the ads by paying $6.99/mo

This app has been around awhile and for good reason. They have created a well rounded fun way to learn a new language. This app is great for almost any age. With the use of words written and spoken, pictures, and sounds it makes learning more comprehensive. The best part is this is something that children and parents can learn equally on.

7. Photomath

Ages: 4 and up

Cost: Free but offers multiple premium options that range from $9.99 – $59.99

While this is great for any age it’s best for students in high school who need help with Algebra. Students are provided with detailed explanations of the problems. What makes this app really unique is that you can simply take a picture of any problem whether it be handwritten or from a book. The way they break it down makes it very easy for a student to learn the process of solving the problem.

8. edX

Ages: 12 and up

Cost: Free

How would you like your kids to be in courses from colleges like Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, and more? With more than 2000 courses across all subjects, this is one of the best learning apps for students. Your student will receive a certificate after passing the course. This can have a huge impact on their future. This is by far one of the best college apps out there.

9. Khan Academy

Ages: 4 and up

Cost: Free

This is considered one of the best free educational apps for students. It is 100% free but provides a high level of education for students all over the world. They provide amazing video lessons making it more impressive than ones that are simply text-driven. The audio pairs with what is being done in the video making it very easy to learn similar to that of a real classroom. It provides exercises, progress tracking, and preparations for standardized tests.

10. The Great Courses

Ages: 4 and up

Cost: Free but courses must be purchased which range from $16 to $500+ with the option to upgrade to Plus for $49.95/mo or $360 annually

The Great Courses is a well-rounded app school that offers various courses from professors across all subjects. The courses can be downloaded or streamed. These are very high-quality courses and really is the perfect Covid-19 choice to stay at homeschooling.

While there are many more school apps for students and Pre-k learning apps these are among some of the best out there. If you are still finding it hard to sift through these apps or think your school or children need something more specific to them you can always build one yourself. It may seem extreme but it’s not.

If you want something custom and unique that you know will help you as a parent, student, teacher, or school administrator then developing a mobile app is the answer. You may have a lot of questions about this but don’t worry we at SDI can answer them. Get in contact with us today at or call us on 408.621.8481.

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