How to Develop an Android App on a Budget?

November 5, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

One of the most exciting and useful tools in the modern era is the android mobile app, and the best part is that you can even customize the android app. The majority of small business owners are, at times, hesitant to build an android app because they feel android app development costs are high.

Thus, the majority of companies offer app development services at budget-friendly rates, for which you can bring down the prices by making adjustments to the number of functions.

Some effective tips for developing an android app with a low-cost budget:

1. Use Established Tools

If you want to develop a useful app, then you need to know that everything, including programming, is based on recycling and reusing elements. Depending on the feature, many companies make android mobile app development easy. One of the most expensive steps in the development involves personalization, so you will have to allow the developers to use databases and established tools wherever possible, including payment gateways, social media feeds, etc. The developer you choose to hire should know what tools to use which streamline the process.

2. Choose a Minimum Viable Product

Experts who work at the best android app development company like SDI state that before placing everything in your app, it is essential to put your time and money into creating a minimum viable product. If rolled out under MVP guidelines, an app is most likely to have plenty of features to attract your potential target audience who can offer feedback, suggestions, and reviews in turn. The only reason why a mobile app for your small business fails is due to incorrect market assumptions and improper analysis.

3. Choose the Perfect Model

For an efficient model to kick in, small business owners need to prioritize a list of features you would like to have in your app. Depending on the list of features, you can choose a strategy on how you will monetize your app. In the next step, you need to select an app development pricing model that is mainly budget-friendly. It is important to negotiate on fixed terms compared to hourly if you are running short on budget.

4. Keep It Simple

If you are looking for some affordable app development services, then you need to know that a simple design is not only less expensive but also attracts several users. An app that offers hassle-free navigation with a massive user experience often trickles down from messy ideas to simple ideas. Simplicity demands transparency and allows users to understand what you are trying to help them to achieve. Integrating more features and customization might sound like a fantastic idea, but it will enhance the cost of android app design and minimize the effectiveness of the product. A designer will help guide you through this and create a simple yet useful design.

5. Don’t Ignore the Design

If you plan to build a mobile app, you might forget about the app design. The design comprises the majority of the assets and also the overall user interface. There are a plethora of app developers who can design the mobile app for you, but you need to ensure that they are well-experienced with the mobile app user experience design. It would be best if you could find a company that builds and designs the app under the same roof as SDI does because it’s a more economical option.

Otherwise, if you have the skills, you can also create the designs yourself. The only thing that makes your app stand out is the design. It is essential to look for a reasonable price but avoid skimping on it because that is what will attract users.

6. Don’t Forget You Can Always Update

If you want to integrate additional features beyond the original scope, remember that you don’t have to wait until years after the launch of your mobile app to update. You can do this before and right after launch. It’s up to you. This plan can prove to be extremely beneficial for you. With an app update, added features would offer fantastic marketing opportunities, and you can also get a lot of goodwill from the community of users. Additionally, you will be able to start monetizing sooner to help with the recovery of development costs.

If you can hire a mobile app development company that offers low-cost budget solutions for your mobile app. You should be quite open about your budget and also clearly talk about financial restrictions.

At SDI, we offer the best mobile app solutions, and the price ranges between $6000 to $9000. We can work with you to create an app that is not only stunning and easy to use but within your budget. The delivery timeline for creating an Android app is approximately 2-4 months. What are you waiting for? Connect with us at or call us at 408.621.8481.

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