Creating a unique online flower delivery service

October 12, 2022 | Sakshi Sharma

The next time you want to mail flowers to a special someone, don’t go running to the neighborhood florist to pick out a bouquet. Order flowers online and just mail them a vase!

We are in 2022 and the one thing the ongoing pandemic has taught us over the last two years is that you can buy just about anything sitting in the safety of your home.

From cosmetics and electronics to pills and poultry. From cloth and clay to diapers and diamonds. So, why not roses, daisies, and lilies too? All you need to do is take the plunge into the online flower business.

Dial F for Flowers

If you belong to Gen Z, you would have heard of flower subscription services. If you don’t or haven’t, it’s time you did because online flower delivery can make it possible for you to send bouquets to friends, foes, and your own family, any time of the day or night. Yup, it’s as easy as that to spread sunshine around in these difficult times.

What’s more, if you love flowers and none are coming your way, don’t mope. People love to go shopping for flowers and nowadays more than ever they love subscriptions.

Select, control, deliver

How do flower subscriptions work? It is a simple process. Just go to your chosen online flower shop, look up the different packages and options, select one, jump to the checkout page and enter payment information. From there on, it’s just a matter of you mailing the bouquets to the right address.

The companies with the best flower delivery services online have websites with great user interfaces. This is crucial as it helps customers shopping for flowers navigate the site for different packages and options. Checkout and payment are also quick and easy.

Online flower delivery usually happens the same day or next, in a dazzling vase or a striking box.

Not pricey, priceless

Once you sign up for a flower subscription as a gift, all you need to do is plan the whom, where, when, and how. After that, it’s only “Wow!” You can have the most exquisite blossoms delivered every month, every week, every day. Even if it’s once in a blue moon, you will be waiting for the moon, not the bloom.

By now you would be asking yourself the dreaded question: How much does a flower subscription cost? Well, even if you decide to get pricey, most online flower delivery services offer packages, between $40 and $180.

Buy from the best

Some of the best flower delivery services are:

    Urban Stems have an array of flowers and eye-catching arrangements. Bouquets range from an affordable $55 to a priceless $105. If you want to give yourself a regular treat, you can choose from three packages: $55, $75, and $105. This online flower delivery service also promises next-day arrival.

    ProFlowers is an affordable flower subscription service with a great selection of fresh flowers. You can pick an unforgettable gift for as little as $50.

    Smiles and Sunshine Bouquet is another fresh flower subscription delivery service that offers you a $50 bargain.

    Venus et Fleur is a flower subscription service modeled on the Parisian hatbox and designed by the most talented floral artists of NYC. It offers a choice of flowers from across the world, including a fancy arrangement of preserved roses from Ecuador which last for almost a year. You can get a rose bouquet in a vase for just $53 and have it shipped anywhere in the world.

    Amazon Prime – Amazon has lots of options in flower subscription services. You will have to buy your own vase, but the bouquets come at bargain-basement rates.

Market your garden

If you have a green thumb and a blooming garden, you can start a flower delivery subscription business of your own and get paid for your favorite hobby. Or if you have a flower business already but need to set up an online service now is the time.

While flowers are seasonal, the business is not. So, set up a subscription program and be assured of a steady stream of reliable income year-round since everyone loves flowers.

The transaction is immediate and profits flow in from day one. No waiting several months for online payments and checks. You can even scale up your online flower business by selling packages in different price tiers and identifying regular clients from one-time purchases.

Keep it simple and affordable

To set up a flower subscription program you need to:

    ● Educate people on what it is and how it works for regular customers.

    ● For best results, avoid charging taxes.

    ● Keep subscription packages affordable and do not confuse the customer with too many choices.

    ● Make the experience easy and enjoyable as this leads to repeat purchases and referrals.

    ● Offer the same services as that of the best flower delivery services online with fresh flowers not always in season and professionally done arrangements.

Having online flower subscription services is the way to go if you want to have a solid business. Give your customers the opportunity (if you can) to gift wife tulips from Amsterdam on their anniversary or surprise a husband with a bunch of Anthuriums from Colombia on his birthday, make a child’s graduation day special with Calla Lilies from South Africa or just feel extra special with a single rosebud. Then provide them with unique gift-wrapping options.

As mentioned above, you need to have a strong website to set up a subscription program and get the process started. This should be a must-do on your checklist. The best part is you can focus on your business while our experienced team of web designers gives you the marketing edge. Feel free to write to us at or call us at +1.408.621.8481.

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