Creating a dating app for lovelorn, time-starved single parents

November 16, 2022 | Heather Stugen

It isn’t easy to find love. It’s even more challenging to do so as a single parent with kids, jobs, and responsibilities. The pandemic-fueled mushrooming of dating apps doesn’t help time-starved single parents who find it hard to juggle schedules to meet someone, let alone browse through a list of dating sites to choose from. Enter the single-parent dating app.

As per the Statista Research Department, the share of singles has been on the rise in industrialized and culturally diverse countries over the last few decades. The single culture is now a recognized reality in most demographics across the world.

Add to that the breaking up of families in the aftermath of the Covid crises which necessitated living in close quarters and exposed the already present cracks in marriages, and you have yourself a sizable chunk of the population single, busy, and looking for love.

Ready to mingle

Identifying this growing trend of single parents who were registering on match-making apps, conventional dating app players jumped at the opportunity to cater to them. Currently, there are as many as nine specially curated apps for single dads and single moms to pick and choose from.

An answer to those who are ready to date but aren’t mentally prepared to go through the rigmarole of explaining their situation and the perpetual lack of time for their dates, these specialized dating apps connect people with similar backgrounds and interests through a thorough questionnaire and fun quizzes that are both engaging and entertaining.

When Match Group, the curators of dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, and Match, launched Stir, a specially designed app for single parents on March 21, which is now officially observed as National Single Parent Day, it came to light how single parenthood and the ensuing scheduling conflicts were often deal breakers on regular dating sites.

Their observations were based on internal data that revealed 54% of single parents were ghosted after the first date, and 20% after a connection learned they had kids. The number of singles without kids seeking people with kids amounted to a mere 27%.

A lot of single parents will vouch for having been through a similar experience when they finally signed up on a dating site.

Tailoring dating for the parental unit

But let’s admit, this is a burgeoning market. Courtesy of the internet, single parents meet, chat up, and expect something clicks. Of course, the body’s chemical messengers whom we call hormones are ever too eager to do their bit. And then comes the science of match-making. Unsurprisingly, willing-to-date single parents cater to more than 10.5 million single-parent households in the US.

If you find yourself lured by the thought of bringing lovelorn single parents together and also making some money for yourself, you can create a dating app of your own.

According to Appfigures, Blackstone Group, IAC, Spark Networks, and Toptal, the revenue generated by dating apps has seen a steady rise since 2015, hitting the $5.61 billion mark in 2021. Most registered users use their personal devices, making a strong case for dating mobile app development.

While big players like Tinder and Bumble have already captured a huge chunk of the dating market, developing an app for the still niche pool of dating for single parents can be a winning proposition. However, developing such an app can be an aspirational prospect. The cost to develop a dating app that is in line with modern dating apps but also has additional features like scheduling options isn’t as much as you think. It should be compatible with both Android and iOS and can go as high as $14,500.

Make it appropriate

Choosing the right dating app development company is the key to making a successful platform. When creating a dating app for single parents, providing an option to swipe left and right based on pictures and cursory information isn’t enough.

One needs to be sensitive to the needs of the target audience. A single mom who is looking to meet a single dad would want to do so when at least some of their thoughts match and hence the app should allow them the opportunity to explore each other’s interests before they match up their schedules to meet in person.

Dating as a single parent isn’t child’s play and some parents might like to know if their respective kids will be comfortable if they strike a connection the app that can ideally make provisions for that is sure to win some brownie points. The best dating app developers understand the market and can help you carve out your own niche market.

Now that you know the potential of this industry, you can rake in the moolah. Your dating app for single parents deserves to be promoted. The best way to market it is to have a website, elaborating on the features of the app and detailing your success stories. An experienced team of web and app designers is all you need to get started. Write us an email at or call us at +1.408.621.8481.

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