How to Create an Online Bookstore in a Week

April 23, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

Why should you create your own bookstore website?

To be quite frank the current situation has really disrupted many of our lives. Every industry has been shaken up mainly due to the fact the majority of us have to work from home. While some industries are facing serious issues others are flourishing. Even when we are not working we can’t just go out anywhere we want so we are doing our best to stay busy at home and find new ways to entertain ourselves.

It’s always been an enjoyable thing to browse a bookstore for that title you’re dying to read. The last decade or 2 has not only changed the way we purchase books but also the way we read them. Right now, book sales have skyrocketed, especially ebooks for kids. Spending more time at home with your kids means the need for more entertainment beyond television. Of course, this isn’t just about online books for kids but adult books have seen a rise as well.

Authors are looking for new ways to deliver their books to increase sales beyond shipping physical copies and/or selling their ebook reader version on third party websites. Instead of the typical online stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble authors can set up their own bookstore online. It may seem like setting up your own website will require a lot of time and effort on your end but it is a lot easier and quicker than you might think. For those who really want to create another way to sell books to potential customers and become more profitable then this could be this answer.

To properly set up your online bookstore you will need to follow these steps

1. Find the right website development company

Doing this on your own can be a bit overwhelming but you don’t have to do it alone. Your web developer can make things much easier for you. They can get your website up and running within 2 weeks. They have all the knowledge for designing, developing, and even marketing your website so that your business doesn’t miss a beat. Take the stress of figuring it out yourself by contacting a company like SDI.

2. Gathering all your materials

You’ll want to get all your information together that you will use on the website. If you haven’t done so already ensure you have your books in digital form. If not that is ok, your developers can do that for you very quickly. You’ll also need images, prices, and descriptions of your book(s). If you are using a web development company then they can help you with these details along with determining the best payment gateway you should use for your bookstore website.

3. Ebook availability

The main reason for providing online books is because the demand goes beyond the number of physical copies out there so you have to offer them as e-books. Of course, they can be available in formats for various ebook readers but not everyone has those devices. It should be available for multiple devices like computers, iPads, and more.

4. Offers

Unlike selling your book on other websites, you have complete control of any offers you wish to provide your readers. This can help you stand out from other online bookstores that have a much larger customer base. The percentage cut that is taken out from selling on third party websites can be the amount you discount. It’s the best of both worlds for both you and your customers. Right now with many facing income changes, price is what’s going to win in the end.

You can even offer giveaways, something that will really incentivize people to purchase from you. While this is optional, people are looking for the best deal they can find whether it be a discount or something for free. Offering some ebooks for free is a great option too. Getting an email for the chance to win some online books free of charge is a great way to get people’s attention. It also means there’s a higher chance they will buy from you directly versus the larger companies.

5. Availability on other platforms

You don’t need to completely remove your book from other platforms if you have it on there. All your marketing and content you create should be directed only to your online bookstore. The price on your website will also be less so it will entice customers more. Any promotions or marketing that was done to draw people to the third-party websites should now be redirected to your website.

Creating your own digital space for your books is the best way to go right now. People want and need more online books to read which means you have the opportunity to increase your profits more than ever before. The increase in demand for both children’s books and adult books means you need to jump on this right away. With the right web developer like SDI, this can be completed in about 1 week. Call 408.621.8481 or email us at right away.

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