Creating a Mobile App Like Clubhouse That Brings People Together in a Unique Way

July 20, 2021 | Sakshi Sharma

Clubhouse, the new invitation-only audio chat app has been making a lot of headlines. Many celebrities have become Clubhouse hosts and their loyal admirers have followed them to the platform. The app has ten million users and is worth $1 billion.

What is Clubhouse App

The clubhouse app is an invite-only voice-based social network that can be accessed only if you receive an invitation from a user who is already using the platform. Initially, it was available only for iOS but recently it was launched in Android also to cater to a larger user base. Users can participate in a discussion by creating spaces, joining groups, or connecting with other users in a meeting hall. A user can talk to a celebrity if they happen to be in the right chat room at the right moment.

Why is Clubhouse so popular?

1. Highly interactive

There are audio chat rooms where you can join and host freely. You can jump in and out of different chats, on different subjects, something like a live free-flowing podcast. You can simply listen or throw in your thoughts. If you are a host you ask the audience to take the stage. You have an opportunity to connect with smart people doing interesting things.

2. Networking

Solid connections can be formed with people who share your interests. You can join industry-specific groups and follow experts and can always find people who will be able to help you in your business or work as the case may be.

3. Build clients for your business

There are many entrepreneurs who are using Clubhouse to attract customers. Being able to speak one on one with people allows you to develop a personal connection with your audience. You can hold panels, create presentations, answer questions and work with people directly.

4. Simplicity

It offers a simple way of getting in touch with the community without video or text. This makes it quite attractive to camera-shy users. You can jump in and out of any conversation easily. There are only live-in conversations and nothing is recorded.


Like all social media, there are certain disadvantages too. As the app becomes popular it may be difficult to find worthwhile chat rooms. When rooms expand you lose the ability to connect and communicate with others. You should also be diligent and not take the “experts” at face value. Avoid rooms and chats which are not credible.

Why You Should Develop a Similar App Like Clubhouse

When almost all social media was shifting from pictures to video content, Clubhouse went the opposite way with audio content. This was really unique and brought something new to the table. You can also do the same. There are several countries in Asia that do not have audio chat app like Clubhouse. Moreover, competition is very low since there are no other major apps other than Clubhouse in the market right now. This is the right time to start one of your own.

There is an excellent untapped potential for new players to penetrate this industry niche in social media. The idea of audio-social media has caught on and is here to stay.

Steps to Create an App like Clubhouse

1. Research

Extensive research is necessary before starting an audio chat app. Look into the strength and weaknesses of your competitor’s app and see how you can make your app unique and different. Just making another Clubhouse is not going to take you anywhere. Find out how they began, where they got the funding, business and revenue model, etc., and also their USP. If you dig deep you will get the right answers and material to build a higher standard mobile app.

2. Target audience

Be very clear about your target audience. It helps to start small. Convert a small community or demographic of the audience and convert them into your app users. Focus entirely on satisfying their needs and then you can expand from there. The target audience can be chosen based on age group, location, interest, app platform among others.

3. Finalize the concept

The product should either solve a problem or create some value for the users. Your app should have something that separates it from the existing apps. It could be a new style or a new feature. You can make one that brings people together in a whole new way i.e. something which resolves issues that people have with their current platform.

4. Development approach

A voice chat app can be developed in several ways. You can try a quick-to-launch solution or engage freelancers. Though this may save money in the initial stages it will cost you a hundred times later if your product lacks originality and fails to impress the users. It may be more beneficial to develop an MVP (minimum viable product) app and test the market before moving forward with the final product.

The best way to develop a voice-based social media app is to partner with a certified app development company like SDI. This way the entire app development project is taken care of by a team of experts with more than a decade of experience. So if you have an idea for an app like Clubhouse come to us and we will develop a better one.

Call us at 408.621.8481 or email us at We will help build a voice chat app that is unique, purposeful, and well-targeted.

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