How to Create A Live Streaming App

August 17, 2016 | Rob LaPointe

Selfie sticks, Live Photos, Instagram, and Periscope all are a success because of one simple fact: modern consumers love to create their own content. There is no doubt that live streaming on apps and websites will be one of the biggest industries in the world.

Live Streaming apps and websites have applications across the board, but we wanted to focus on 3 major areas where live streaming apps stand to make a lot of money: Sports, home videos, and Youtube-style Internet celebrity photos.

Video Streaming for Sports

While streaming has been around for ages, Sports and live feeds have a complicated history with streaming. We all know it: the stuttering, poor quality, straight up freezing at a key moment. And it’s always at that key moment right? It’s like the video has it out for you!

Streaming videos like Netflix or Hulu does is much easier than streaming live. The videos Netflix streams are prerecorded, and large portions of it can be downloaded and stored in a buffer, thereby preventing issues with stuttering and the like.

But the good news is the technology is advancing steadily. Soon, the ability to live stream videos will be as commonplace as snapping a photo on your phone. All you need to do is look at the recent move in acquisitions and new features.

Most notably, Disney is sinking a billion dollars into live streaming technology, very likely into the very company that streams Major League Baseball games, BAM Tech. While they aren’t likely to start streaming sports, there is another area into which Disney has a very large interest: Family life.

Live Streaming Home Videos

There is much speculation over why Disney is interested in live streaming. However, our market analysts believe that the ability to stream home videos is really the most logical place into which Disney could expand.

Since the invention of the home video camera, parents have been filming their children. Our best moments and our often our most embarassing have been catalogued and stored to be viewed in future years.

Why do we feel the need to record these moments? Beyond the desire to immortalize a moment, there’s always the desire to capture a moment for absent family members. After all, who wants to be left out of a family moment?

Disney, possibly more than any other corporation in the world, sees this and recognizes that live video streaming for home videos may very well be a multibillion dollar industry before the end of this decade.

Periscope and Internet Stars

Want to be famous? Who doesn’t, right? That’s basically the drive behind video streaming apps for Android and iOS and websites like Periscope. For years, YouTube was the propagator of the internet star. But as our tech gets better, live streaming technologies such as Periscope have grown in popularity.

Once, the legendary streaming website (arguably the one who started it all) YouTube was the undisputed leader of the video streaming industry. Today, YouTube is still the largest streaming website in the world, but they largely focus on streaming prerecorded video, as opposed to live video.

While the crown for king live video streaming service is still up in the air, Periscope is currently considered one of the best apps for video streaming. Periscope recently achieved quite the reputation when used by democrats during an overnight sit-in at the Capitol building.

Without missing a beat, Periscope managed to capture every moment as it was happening – so much so that CSPAN began to stream their feed! This is a bigger deal than you think. In fact, it’s never actually happened before (one of many unexpected events this political cycle)! Periscope’s feed was so good that one of the most respected channels in the country took it up!

Periscope and live streaming apps are going to grow in popularity. People love to show off their lives in real-time; why can’t you help them accomplish their goals? SDI’s expert developers know what it takes to write a streaming script that flawlessly live streams video to your device.

Create Your Own App for Online Video Streaming

With a small investment, anyone can start their own website or app for live video streaming website. As we’ve discussed in this blog, there is a lot of movement in the industry and a lot of money to be made.

While some of the biggest areas for live streaming lie in sports and home videos, there is really no end to the potential of live streaming. Already, Facetime, Skype, and other video conferencing tech is showing us the future of long-distance communication.

But it doesn’t stop at a video phone call. Look at how quickly Selfies caught the world by storm! Soon, live streaming will take the place of stop motion selfies (Live Selfies?). Already, Apple has given us Harry Potter style live photos – what’s next?? The future of photography is a future of live streaming. And my, what a future it is!

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