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April 17, 2017 | Raj Srivastav

Hospitals save millions of lives every year; pharmacies help maintain and improve the health of millions every year (thus also saving millions). But in addition to their primary cause of saving lives and promoting good health, they also have a business to run. For most in these industries, this is a fine line to walk: we deserve a profit, but no one wants to deny care to those in need to save a shilling or two.

So in order to have a successful enterprise in this industry, you need to be innovative in multiple spheres. Improved technologies for long-term savings are a must. Medical equipment is a rapidly evolving field and it’s important to make sure your business has top of the line equipment.

This makes you more attractive as a State-of-the-Art facility; plus tech is becoming ever better at detecting disease and ailments early on. Early detection means prevention, plus decreased costs associated with lethal, emergency, and expensive diseases such as cancer. In addition to the hardware, pharmacies and hospitals need to invest in the backend software infrastructure.

While research and top of the line medical devices help save lives and are necessary for success, hospitals and pharmacies also need to manage behind the scene processes. These processes include routine operations like filling subscriptions or managing employees. Improving these “hum-drum” activities can help streamline your business into a lean, green, healing machine.

Not brag, but SDI has an inordinate amount of experience in building software to improve backend processes to improve business efficiencies – including in the healthcare industry. We specialize in creating not industry-specific, but business-specific. More precisely, our master coders program software infrastructures that span entire organizations, fitting like a custom-made glove.

With Machine Learning, our programmers create masterpieces that can help Hospitals and Pharmacies reduce overhead without reducing care, or abandoning your employees. But you have to make the first step. As a software development company, we can build the path to your dream; you just have to tell us what that dream is.

Intrigued, but looking for the inspiration to truly help your business become a massive success? Let’s take a look at some of the top software examples for pharmacies and hospitals. We’re going to break these down into the two sectors, with pharmacies first.

Top Software for Pharmacies

1. Lagniappe Pharmacy Services

This software is ideal for SMB pharmacies. With processes for drug/prescription imaging, it helps pharmacists rapidly (and accurately) fill prescriptions. And this is all while helping to increase your overall revenue stream. Plus, its POS system boasts top of the line for haptic interface – or a touchscreen, in not nerd terms.

2. CareTend

CareTend is an end-to-end system that connects Pharmacists to upstream suppliers and downstream buyers. It provides easy access to drugs with strictly limited distribution, with an emphasis on clinical, specialty, and oncological services. Plus, it makes it easier for pharmacists to check in with their customers, reminding them of refills and prescription renewals before it becomes a problem.

3. Prime Care for LTC

Prime Care is an excellent software infrastructure, perhaps one of the top 3 or 5 out there, but particularly excel in helping pharmacies that specialize in long-term care: Skilled Nursing Facilities or Mental Health Hospitals. Specifically, Prime Care helps these businesses improve general business operations through a comprehensive management system.

Top Software for Hospitals

1. PineappleHR

PineappleHR services multiple industries, but tend to excel in Government and Healthcare. What they do is provide a robust Employee management system that will change your world. It’s automated processes for scheduling and organization-wide communications help keep your employees up to date – both while they’re mobile or at their desk.

2. TheraOffice

TheraOffice is excellent on multiple levels. First, it’s excellent data reporting interface makes understanding complex information simple and efficient. Plus, it utilizes some pretty awesome algorithms for improved metrics. Improved metrics leads to better decision making and more money. Plus, TheraOffice is well ahead of the mobile-first generation, creating an interface with excellent functionality across all devices.

3. Health Data Archiver

This is great for hospitals that were early adopters of software technology, but now find their once-great systems old, outdated, and inefficient. It sets up an infrastructure that allows your employees to use the features of your new system with all of the data and records from your old system. Health Data Archiver performs a comprehensive system conversion and simultaneous sunsetting of legacy systems. Best of all, it does this without taking your system down – or emptying your wallet.

This doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of how much technology can help improve the internal and external functioning of a hospital or pharmacy. Hopefully, this article helped you spark that inspirational flame, but even if it didn’t then reach out to our business strategists at 408.805.0495/408.621.8481, or email us.

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