How Do I Build an Online Learning Company

February 18, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

Shift Towards Online Education

Education is an undeniably important factor that affects nearly everyone. Today, there are many technological tools that help improve conventional education by also incorporating online education. Online learning companies have taken the world by storm and have even grown to become large businesses with physical offices in Silicon Valley, so the scalability of this industry is a lot larger and more profitable than the average person realizes.

Importance of Accessibility

The reason why online learning is good is that the internet is relatively accessible to everyone. If a consumer were to have a slight interest in learning something new, they will be able to find your app and use it. Similarly, if they need a tool in order to supplement their education, they will also be able to access your invention with a quick search. The world will ultimately become a better place as opportunities to gain knowledge in different subjects continues to grow. As an owner of an eLearning company, you play a direct role in the positive change for society.

Target Audience

There are some things you might want to brainstorm while coming up with your next online course idea or tool. For instance, who is your target audience? Is there a specific age group that you want to target, such as elementary, high school, college, or young professionals? You might also be wondering what your company should teach to your consumer base. Perhaps you are interested in providing a learning service, or a platform for students to access resources and enhance their conventional learning methods. You should also research the needs of your future customer base so that you can ensure that your app will keep them satisfied and hooked. All of these questions are important for you to ponder if you are interested in starting an eLearning business.

Ways To Reach The Market

There are so many ways to reach the market rather than the conventional learning method. When an “online learning” company comes to mind, many entrepreneurs might become intimidated because they are thinking of an online school where a full and certified curriculum is needed. There are so many ways that an educational environment can be provided to consumers beyond the traditional and conventional learning methods that we are all used to. With technological innovation, educational innovation can be possible too. In the following, there are some examples of popular eLearning platforms.


Speaky is an online app that promotes language learning by connecting you with speakers from around the world. Speaky operates like a social network, where you can select your native language and the language you want to learn. The app then connects you with speakers of the language that you want to learn. You can then have casual conversations with these speakers by audio or video chat, which allows you to practice the language that you are learning with a native speaker. The app also connects you with people who share the same interests and passions with you so that the conversation can be eventful.


Duolingo is a highly popular and well-known app that serves the same function as Speaky, which is to teach the user a new language. Duolingo provides a platform and advertises that with consistency and only a few minutes per day, you will learn a new language. The app has a simple and user-friendly platform that makes it less intimidating for users to learn a new language completely and conveniently on their phones. The app sends reminders to its users to encourage daily usage so that results can be seen.

Citation Generators

Rather than creating a curriculum, you can even create a tool to help students and scholars alike accomplish their work quicker and even more accurately. There are a variety of citation generator tools for students who are writing essays and need to cite their sources. Some examples of popular citation generators include CitationMachine and EasyBib. In terms of accessibility, most of the popular citation generators are free for the consumer and produce their income from advertisements.


CourseHero is considered supplementary to conventional learning methods that students are required to go through. This website acts as a database for students to access information and solutions that are similar to the content that they are being taught so that their knowledge can be enhanced in the classroom. CourseHetro gathers their course-specific information by contributions of a community of students and educators. They earn an income by requiring a subscription in order to access the course-specific content.

These are just some examples to help kickstart your journey of creating and selling online courses. If you have an idea and want to enter the eLearning marketplace, please reach out to our team at SDI! We would love to hear about your idea and help you bring it to life so that education can become more accessible for everyone. Our portfolio includes working with major companies such as Benefit Cosmetics, Marvell, and even Pepsi. We are prepared to implement any task at hand, so no idea is ever too grand in our book. Make an impact on the world becoming a better place and reach out to our team here at SDI today!

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