Build a Gig Economy App Like Taskrabbit or Fiverr

October 19, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

The world is really moving toward finding the right gig to earn extra money or money to replace what was lost due to a layoff. That has never been more real now with Covid-19. What better way to find work than through a gig economy app. Millions of people can take advantage of this and can help keep people earning income to survive.

Not only does an on-demand gig economy app help give people work but it’s great for others who need something completed and want to find a person to hire. It also provides people the ability to be their own boss which creates a very flexible environment.

Let’s take a look at some of the best gig apps in the market as well as some information on how you can take it to the next level.

1. TaskRabbit

The TaskRabbit gig economy app helps people who need a task completed and those who can complete a task find each other. They have a long list of categories like handyman jobs, house cleaning, sewing, emailing, and much more available. It’s a great option for those looking to earn money for gigs.

2. Fiverr

This platform has been around for quite some time. While it used to be geared solely toward clientele getting gigs completed for dirt cheap, now it’s more balanced where freelancers are earning closer to what they should. Users are also able to get high-quality services for a fair price. This platform is basically the best of both worlds and its global allowing people from all over the world to work together.

3. Upwork

This is also similar to Fiverr but focuses more on computer-related tasks. You can find people to manage your online tasks, IT, create programs, design, and write. If you have good computer skills and abilities this is a great place to post yourself to get work. One of the things that aren’t great is that you pay a fee for each response even if you don’t get the job. Another app similar to this is Freelancer.

4. Rover

Are you a dog lover? This is the app for you. Rover has a massive network of dog owners who are looking for people to walk, pet sit, and pet sit at their home. You can definitely make some side cash just to walk dogs but if you want some real income then pet sitting is the way to go.

5. Handy

This is the premier handyperson gig app. Anything that you need to be done in your home whether it be fixing a large kitchen appliance to simply hanging a photo can be found through this app. If you are good at doing things in the home you should set up your profile here. Oftentimes people don’t want or know how to do a lot of these jobs in their home and would prefer paying someone else. Because of that, this app pays pretty well.

6. Wonolo

This is a great logistical gig app. You can scan through a list of available jobs in your area and accept it right away. These are primarily labor jobs that are temporary but they do pay a pretty good wage so it’s worth taking a look at.

7. LawnLove

This is a very specific gig economy app which has to do with anything yard related. If you love working in the yard and are good at things like weeding, growing grass and/or plants, or clearing up yards this is the place to be. The key here is you do need to be a professional. Doesn’t matter how big or small your company is but you do need to be in the business. So if you are trying to find new clients this is the way to do it.

8. Your Mechanic

This couldn’t be a better app for both mechanics and people who need their vehicles worked on. It’s also very Covid friendly as it provides the ability to communicate through the app and the mechanic comes to the customer and works on the vehicle with no face to face interaction. Any type of mechanic, even someone who is not an expert can be on there. You can be on there as a specialist in 1 particular thing and anyone looking for that can hire you to come to them and fix it. The money is good and you get to create your own schedule.

Create your own gig economy job app

While there are many great apps there is still a market for new ones. There are so many holes that a new app could fill. You may be thinking how these apps are great for you to earn some extra income but what if you could build a gig market app with the category you think is needed or even one that allows everything.

If you do feel that way then it’s time for you to begin your gig economy startup and create an app like TaskRabbit. Let’s get into some details about what is involved in gig economy app development.

You first need to know what you want to do. However, you may have multiple ideas and need some guidance on what would and wouldn’t work. In either case, the best thing to do is find an app development company like SDI that is familiar with creating task-related software and apps. SDI can help guide you through what is needed.

If you hire the right company they will be able to design what your app will look like, then develop, market, and maintain your app. It’s important to find 1 company that can do it all which saves you time and money in the long run. Each step in the app development process is important and needs a professional team that knows what they are doing to ensure it is done correctly.

There is a process of creating this which requires time and money. That being said, it doesn’t have to be quite as expensive or time-consuming as one might think and see from many companies.

The Cost

A very common question that gets asked is what is the cost to develop an app like Fiverr? While the answer isn’t 1 specific number as it depends on the number of functions you wish to have. An app with 10 functions will cost more than an app with 5 functions. SDI only charges $8K to $15K for the exact same thing. The main reason being is SDI has mastered keeping their own costs low and those savings are passed on to customers.

We need more gig economy apps in the marketplace. This is where things are headed as we continue to find our way through this new world. Everyone could use a good side hustle but developing your own apps for services that people can list is really the way to go.

Contact SDI now to learn more about the details and pricing. With SDI you get the security of a US company but with costs closer to that of India. Email us at or call us at 408.621.8481.

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