How to Build an On-Demand Delivery App Like Postmates or Instacart Part Two

May 1, 2020 | Ananya S

Now that we have you back with us, we are going to help you create your own On-Demand Delivery App like Postmates or Instacart to help you achieve maximum success in the market. If you read Part 1, you now understand the various types of models available for your choice when you need to create a Delivery App. If you haven’t read part one yet, please click here. Let’s keep moving on, shall we?

Now that we have broken down the different models used in grocery business making, it is time for you to choose your desired model. The most popular model out of the four above is the marketplace since it allows small business owners to be empowered by providing them a space to sell their goods. The marketplace owner does not need to maintain any inventory or ship their products thus making the marketplace model more profitable and easier to work with.

Your grocery delivery app needs certain features that are a must in order to work well in the market. Your app will be broken down into three separate parts: Customer, Delivery, and Admin. These three sectors require their own set of key features you need to consider.

For the Customer sector, you will need:

● User profile

● List of stores

● Menus/items in stock

● Cart/order page

● Payment gateway

● Order status

● Order history

● Notifications

For the Delivery sector, you will need:

● Profile

● List of orders (showing items and delivery addresses)

● Map for navigation to the user’s home- mainly Waze, Google MAPS, or Apple Maps

For the Admin Panel sector, you will need:

● Customer data

● List of stores

● Menus/items in stock

● Revenue

For your grocery delivery app to be successful, its selling point needs to be one key element: time. Your service needs to deliver the order on time in order to be successful in the market and rise to the level of success that Instacart has brought.

Next, let’s quickly go over a few features your app will require to make the user-interface an easy experience.

1. Social Media Platforms:

Allowing your delivery app’s customers to sign up with social networks such as Facebook or their email will speed up the process of registration for your users. It will also make the interaction between the consumers and the app easier.

2. Adding an Alternative option:

If an item is unavailable, this feature will allow the customer to set up a possible substitute for missing items. This will also enhance the user experience as there will be fewer cases of partially completed orders.

3. Introduce a Chatbot:

Chatbots essentially help out lost customers and give them direction and guidance on how to maneuver through an app. A chatbot could show your customers and deliver workers valuable information about products and stores or provide popular recipes with a selected item besides helping them navigate through a store.

4. Voice recognition:

This feature will enable users to place orders on the go without having to stop and type in a product name or browse a store’s inventory. It will cut the time used to place orders significantly less, thus allowing your busy customers to appreciate this unique feature.

5. Phone or chat support:

Customers can always run into trouble and having technical support for the app’s operations or contact information for delivery personnel is important if the customer needs to make any last-minute adjustments to their order.

6. Allow your customers to leave ratings and reviews:

This one is pretty self-explanatory as allowing your customers to leave ratings can increase your app’s chances of being discovered easily on the market online and offline.

Now that you’ve selected your model, learned the necessary features required to build your app, and understood the various components needed in order to build your delivery app, you probably want to know the cost of building an app such as Instacart.

We at SDI pride ourselves on our tireless work ethic, on-the-market variable costs, and our desire to satisfy your needs. If you contact us today, one of our team’s developers will be happy to get on a phone call and estimate a quote that will not break your bank or cause you to break into your life’s savings.

Our team at SDI helps entrepreneurs such as yourself build their businesses from the foundation to the core to the success it can find on the market today. Contact us at +1.408.621.8481 or email and we can help you get started in creating the next grocery delivery app to go viral on the market.

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