How To Build An On-Demand Beauty Services App

July 9, 2020 | Ananya S

The Beauty Industry grows day-by-day and newer beauty tools are being introduced on the market. Well, let’s add another to the list. Have you ever thought of having your beauty to-go? It’s quite easy to build a beauty app that you can take on-the-go to satisfy all of your beauty needs.

In the time where people are staying indoors, and shops have closed their doors, building an on-demand beauty app is the perfect solution to gain access to all your beauty needs in one place- through a beauty mobile app.

A beauty app will allow users to book services such as salon services, hairdressers, makeup artists, and stylists. Gaining these perks will allow you to travel anywhere and book your service with just one click on the mobile app.

Let’s get started on how you can build your on-demand mobile beauty services app today. Before we begin, you’ll need to decide whether your user wants to use your app as a client or as a professional. This is the first step in building a successful beauty service app that can cater to everybody’s needs.

If your user logs into your beauty service app as a client, they will have the option to sign up, register, and log in with the required information. They will also gain access to a navigation map that will showcase nearby services such as salons, stores, etc.

Another feature would be a search bar to find a specific professional catered for the user’s requirements. Alongside these features, the user will also find convenient and detailed information regarding professionals including their prices and the types of services they offer.

Users will also have the option to create their own user profile that will build daily with their choices and harrow on the user’s most recent searches, frequent searches, and develop a better list for the user’s needs. History and previous bookings will also be made available to the user along with the option to get in contact with a professional of their choice.

Users will also be able to book any services of their choice and create appointments for any date and time available according to the professional’s business. Another useful feature will be a payment button that allows the user to pay for their service upfront before/after receiving it via different types of payments (credit/debit cards and cash).

Your user will appreciate a modern and comfortable approach to your beauty app with push notifications about special offers and discounts, as well as a rating and review page they can check to learn other users’ feedback on various services and businesses.

Lastly, your users will be informed daily on the latest updates and promotions as well as any changes their preferred services will make. These various kinds of features are useful for the users that want to choose to be a client on your beauty mobile app.

Now, if your mobile beauty app user decides to be a client instead, they will have the option to sign up/sign in to create a profile for their business. They will also gain a chance to create an in-depth user profile that lists their services along with their prices, examples of their work, star ratings, and customer feedback. They can also open an online chat room with a potential client that may have questions for their business.

An appointment calendar, as well as a list of bookings, will be made available to this user that wants to check if their new potential customer will clash with another booking. Lastly, this user can also keep a track of all of their customers and be able to accept or reject the client’s requests. If your mobile app user decides to create their client profile, these are some of the features they can enjoy for their business.

The advantage of creating your own mobile beauty services app is stepping away from the tradition of seeking and hunting down a beauty service such as a hair salon, makeup artist, or stylist, and instead of having all the details for a business one click away on your cell phone device.

The app will increase competition between beauty services but allow users a more comfortable approach to achieving the beauty services they want. Your beauty app will attract new professionals working in the area as well as a larger client/customer base looking to find last-minute services or any services.

This app will also save a lot of time for both parties, customers, and clients, and save the process of calling, booking, rescheduling, or canceling any appointments. Businesses will profit by gaining a larger customer base and develop a relationship with their customers via the online chat, rating, and review options.

To create the mobile beauty services app you will need an interface, wireframing, tools and templates, UI/UX interfaces, and a coding team. These elements will work together to seamlessly deliver the perfect beauty services app to your catered needs.

It can feel daunting to choose the right people to help you create a successful app on the market, but we at SDI know that taking your businesses online during an ongoing pandemic such as Covid-19 is difficult, but we will prove success to your ideas.

The growth and success of a business depend on time sensitivity, choosing the right team, and building a key relationship with those that will help you build the app.

SDI aims for perfection and success for all our clients and customers. We thrive off tireless effort and maintaining well-established relationships with all our customers. Our team of experts is skilled with years of practice and decorum of customer success and app success on the market.

Our team at Software Developers have experts trained in building the most successful apps on the market and if you’d like to get started with creating your own on-demand beauty services mobile app today, Call us at 408.621.8481 or email at SDI wants to help you create the perfect, successful app for your business during this recession period. Contact us today to get started!

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