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June 12, 2018 | Rob LaPointe

Mobile is now the first and primary channel for consumers to interact with various products and services. Gradual and consistent advancement in the technology industry has created a necessity for enterprises and businesses to incorporate various features that supports and enhances the usability for the next breed of mobile users. Next Generation applications may require a new, improved and innovative approach to development that also helps in the rapid and exponential growth of businesses.

The latest technological trends like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, AR / VR, and cloud-driven mobile app development have gained significant popularity in recent years. Because of that developers are more focused on leveraging these cutting-edge technologies by offering more robust and scalable next-generation mobile apps that exceed the standards of what businesses and customers expect.

Trends in Next-Gen App Development

1. Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

The customer experience has been highly redefined by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Businesses are focusing more on offering agile and automated solutions instead of standardized ones. Apps like Google Now, Siri, Flipora, and Pandora have given new life to the process of app development by giving users an automated discovery experience.

These technologies understand the user’s intent, context, and perception by automatically providing the right information at the right time. Today’s business owners and app developers are using these disruptive technologies to empower user experiences for better productivity and to amplify the business potential.

2. Geo-Location And Beacon Based Services:

The current breed of smartphone users leverages their smartphones to get contextual information based on their location. Swarm is a very good example of this kind of app that takes complete advantage of this new level of data availability.

They suggest and recommend things based on your current and preferred location which is becoming a trend irrespective of the industries. Likewise, the demand for location-based service applications like Apple’s iBeacons and Google Beacons are rising exponentially which plays a major role in the personalized app marketing process.

3. The On-demand Economy:

Intelligent use of geolocation and the rise of the on-demand economy coupled with artificial intelligence is helping the users to connect with the real world services like never before. After the rise of Uber’s on-demand taxi booking model, almost all entrepreneurs started to apply the same to their business to bring in more customer engagement. This on-demand trend is occupying almost all the industries and will likely be considered as the remote control for the real world.

The NextGen App Development Approach

It is essential to take advantage of the mobile revolution that offers a distinctive user experience and boosts business efficiency and productivity far better. To build a next-generation application, you need to manage all of your projects from one platform that includes cloud, mobility, data integration, and analytics. Leveraging the next-gen app development approach helps organizations to:

1. Reduce The Time to Market:

These technologies help in augmenting the best possible features to reduce the time to market which helps businesses to increase their sales potential, withstand competitors, and be more flexible in the marketplace.

2. Reduce Business Complexity:

Business leaders visualize mobile technology as the primary interface of the future. By leveraging the cutting edge and next-gen tech businesses can avoid the challenges and complexities of integrating the mobility platform into their existing system.

3. Reduce Costs:

The next-gen app development approach offers an increasingly strategic value that helps accomplish your business objectives in a more cost-effective way with a superior end-user experience.

Build Your Next-Gen App with SDI

Are you planning to build a next-gen mobile app to gain that competitive edge? Get in touch with SDI – The innovative team of mobile experts with more than a decade of experience in supporting enterprises, mid-sized firms, and startups to make faster technological decisions and build applications for the future.

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