How to Build an Online Examination System from Scratch?

November 2, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

Currently, the online examination system has gained a lot of momentum, and that is because of its fast speed and accuracy. Additionally, it requires minimum human resources to execute the examination when you create online tests.

The majority of organizations are conducting their examinations online, and it also helps in saving a student’s time. Furthermore, an online examination application allows organizations to check the performance of the student quickly. As a result, organizations can release the results in no time.

What is the Online Examination System?

Under a secure online examination system, students can get their user id, and password along with their admission card. In the examination server, the id gets saved automatically. The student receives a message at a particular time to start the examination. The server keeps all the answers given by the test maker, along with his or her information.

Furthermore, online examination technology doesn’t allow the student to change the answers after the exam is over. It also made the process of answer checking hassle-free and comfortable as computers tend to be more accurate than humans and provide faster results.

When you use a web development company like SDI, you can be confident that a high-quality online examination system will be created. The user is most likely to get the updated version by entering the user ID and password provided during the registration process.

Features of the Online Examination System

    The login system must be password protected.

    It should be able to save the answer given by the candidate as well as the questions.

    The system should be able to check the answers quickly and accurately.

    It should be able to update the profile easily.

    After the examination is over, you need to log out.

    A solid admin panel is needed as well to manage the platform.

Importance of Security During the Online Examination

There are many benefits of an online examination system, but besides benefits, the app’s security cannot be neglected. The online examination system offers flexibility and scalability to manage the process in a smooth manner. By exam security, the ed-tech app developers mean taking measures to examine fairly. Students will not have any scope of cheating while they appear for the online test.

Thus, the security aspect of the online test plays a crucial role in overcoming malpractices. Apart from security, the overall process of conducting exams becomes much easier with the help of online examination systems. When everything becomes computerized, there is less chance of error. Everyone can enjoy the process of examination without any issues.

Some of the techniques to make online exam secure are:

1. Secure Browser

Experts who offer education app development services state that secure browsers prevent the students from opening any other window while they take the examination. The remote proctoring system allows students to access the examination window only. Additionally, features like copy, paste, and add to shortcut are prevented entirely. The system also has a feature that notifies the examiner if the user tries to navigate away from the screen.

2. Data Encryption

Before you create an online examination system, you need to know that data encryption plays a crucial role in preventing unauthorized access to the questions. Additionally, it doesn’t allow result manipulation without some valid conditionals. Furthermore, it is an essential feature of the conduct exam app as it ensures the security of the examination.

Above all, the entire communication between the server and the examination client is encrypted. High-level encryptions are also used under an online test app to encode data that can’t be decoded easily. It ensures the confidentiality of the question banks which get exchanged between the client and the server.

3. Audit Logging

Experts who offer online exams for students provide a detailed audit logging facility where activities including login, logout, question navigation, exam access, answer responses, etc. are recorded in the system. The system also tends to record details, including selection changes, internet speed, and more. When you use these features, you can also track the user’s exact location during the examination.

At SDI, we recommend a secure online exam for the student process because it is a must if you want to have an advantage of all the amazing features this technology has to offer.

If you are interested in creating an online exam mobile app, you can get in touch with SDI now at or call us at 408.621.8481. We offer the best services at the best rates. This type of system ranges from $10,000 to $12,000 and can be delivered between 2 and 4 months depending on the number of features you would like to include.

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