The Best Apps to Address Climate Change

October 3, 2019 | Sakshi Sharma

With climate change and activism on the rise, you might be wondering: how can I ensure that I have a positive impact on the environment as a creator and a user? With technology having such an impact on our daily lives, why not have it help us be more environmentally conscious as well? Climate change has been a reoccurring topic that is being assessed by nearly every news platform.

The current state of our environment potentially poses severe harm to not only our ecosystem but personal health as well. According to the World Health Organization, 90% of people are exposed to pollutants that exceed safe levels, causing lower IQs, illness, and death amongst other consequences.

The National Climate Assesment states that not only communities are affected, but the economy and agriculture are affected by climate change as well due to deforestation and rising sea levels. Today, the reasons to make more eco-friendly decisions in order to improve society’s quality of life are more prevalent than ever before.

Here are some apps to tackle climate change on the market that are already helping users achieve their goal of going “green”!

Dropcountr HOME is an app that connects your utilities to its platform, allowing you to monitor your water consumption. It also has a feature that compares your water usage to other users around you. This is a great and simple tool to not only encourage you to be more friendly but also saves the wallet as well by helping you achieve a cheaper utility bill. There is also an intelligent feature that will alert you if there may be a potential leak in the home. Dropcountr also has a management feature for the business side of utility services, which allows the provider to send alerts to specific map ranges as needed.

EWG’s Food Score is an app that allows you to record what you’re eating. The databases provide you nutritional information and also tells you how eco-friendly your food choices are. The ingredient concerns that this app list is contaminants, hormones, pesticides, and how processed your meal is. Like Dropcountr, this app is a multi-purpose tool that not only encourages you to be healthier through mindful choices but also helps you to be more eco-friendly as well. This is an example of a great app to use regardless of any climate change skepticism because it incorporates mindfulness about healthy choices as well.

GoodGuide is an app similar to EWG’s Food Score, but it’s database also includes consumer products beyond food. GoodGuide also has an interesting feature that takes into account a company’s transparency and its environmental impact. Other potential company issues are also assessed by analyzing the “society rating” by viewing worker safety, effects on the community, and impact on customers. Like the other apps mentioned, GoodGuide is a multi-purpose tool that helps you, as a consumer, make more mindful decisions about not only your impact on the environment but your own social values as well.

Zero Carbon is an app that analyzes your commute and generates a report on how environmentally friendly your route is. It then gives suggestions on what you can do to reduce your CO2 emissions based on your results. There is also a competitive aspect of this app that allows you to share the data with your friends, encouraging others to reduce their impact on the environment as well. If you don’t want to compete with your friends, you can also view how the rest of the world fares with their CO2 emission results.

Do you have an environmental app or climate change app idea that’ll help users track their efforts of going green and make environmental changes? It certainly takes more than a village to combat global warming. You do not have to be an Earth Scientist to make a difference in the world!

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