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December 9, 2019 | Raj Srivastav

Having good employees are the backbone of the company, so selecting the right applicant for a new job opening can seem like a daunting task. Especially when you can possibly have a vast amount of applicants for a job. How can you ensure that you are making the right decision for your team when sifting through applicants to look for one that’ll benefit the team and the company the most? The process of recruitment can be incredibly stressful for the HR team, especially when it comes to narrowing down a handful of applicants to interview before the recruitment cycle closes.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it to the HR world and can help streamline the process so roles can quickly be filled and your business can get back to full efficiency. The days of manually screening through potential stacks of resume are no more. Your HR team can dedicate time to other tasks now with the help of technology. AI can not only speed up the hiring process but also help reduce bias when screening for new job applicants.

A company called “Interviewed”, founded in March 2015 by Darren Nix saw the opportunity to capitalize on HR technology. This company’s software has the ability to not only screen for typical “book smart” abilities but can also screen for human qualities as well.

The implementation of AI for recruitment has several benefits that you can filter for when looking for the best applicant for your job and team. Some “insights” that derived from using AI to search for applicants founded:

Grades – Statistics show that 14% of applicants that are being hired have never gone to college. At Google, their own research shows that the steady increase of hired applicants turn out to not have a college degree, yet are still able to contribute to the team and the projects as tasks as well as the other applicants who do have a college degree. While current filters (without AI) can certainly distinguish between candidates with a degree versus without one, the insights produced from AI show that one’s grade does not always determine how well they perform in a role.

Persistence – Related to grades, the use of AI tends to yield results that filter for signs of determination and passion instead. Results tend to show that applicants who have these traits tend to excel more at their jobs and produce better results. With a human bias involved, it can be easy to accidentally gloss over certain traits and words in resumes that indicate determination, passion, and persistence, especially when the recruiter is primarily looking for experience and education.

Experience – Experience does not determine everything and is not necessarily an indicator of how successful an applicant will be in their new job. In fact, AI has also shown that hiring applicants mid-tier positions are preferred over “stars” because they are more of team players. These statistics were founded after AI helped screened for new hires that had roles in college clubs. Their hierarchy in these roles showed that the common misconception of being a leader in a hierarchy did not necessarily equate to better job performance in certain placements.

Social Media Appearance – There is a common misconception that one’s Facebook profile photo is an indicator of how this person could potentially act on a daily basis. For example, a person who has a photo of themselves socially drinking a glass of wine might not be something that they do on a daily basis, nor is it an indicator of how they will perform on the job. This goes back to how AI can help eliminate certain biases that manual screenings might take into account when screening for applicants. Not all candidates show the best version of themselves online, and for this reason, could unintentionally be left out of search results when companies employ traditional recruitment methods.

These insights founded here are what derive from the help of AI eliminating any biases that come with screening for candidates during the recruitment process. Since the implementation of AI in Human Resources is relatively new, there are so many more opportunities for more insights to be found as technology in this realm continues to improve.

Anyone who chooses to join this field and contribute to AI in HR in these early stages has an opportunity to be a key player in streamlining the hiring process forever. Yes, there has been a critique of AI eventually adopting biases when attempting to replicate human behavior, but this is also where new opportunities can be found to improve this process and generate new insights.

If you have an idea of how to create an app that uses AI or any other tools to help streamline the HR process, reach out to our team at SDI! Being the person to bridge Human Resources and Technology together can not only be incredibly rewarding for your own personal growth but for the sake of having talented employees at other innovative companies that use your tool as well.

We will facilitate an NDA and help you turn your ideas to life so that you can monetize your new tool and help revolutionize the recruitment process with Artificial Intelligence.

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