7 Growth hacking Requirements Your Landing Page Needs for High Conversions

June 16, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

7 Growth hacking requirements your landing page needs for high conversions
7 Growth hacking requirements your landing page needs for high conversions

Are you thinking dollars, and wondering how to create a landing page with high conversions in minutes? Let us walk you through the anatomy of a perfect landing page. In the digital world, your landing page is the first chance- and frequently only – you have to truly pull in high conversions. Just like the storefront of the brick-and-mortar era, there are things that will interest visitors, and things that will turn them away.

If you have a low conversion rate (number of forms completed/number of site visits), or are a startup looking for the best landing page you can have, don’t worry. Help is on its way!

Here is a brief list of 7 things your landing page absolutely needs to have a high conversion rate, from growthhackers in the field.

1. A Killer Headline

A good headline for your landing page is the most important element in driving up your conversion rate. Believe it or not, 80% of a site’s visitors will not continue beyond the headline.

So, your headline should be something inviting, something that will intrigue visitors to your landing page and keep them reading on. The first step is to start with a problem – what issue is your company trying to solve?

Once you have decided your issue, design your headline to attract potential customers. Use leading phrases (How to…, Best of…, and so on) and numbered lists to trigger an emotional response in visitors and can keep them interested.

Above all, be honest. Use flowery and attention-grabbing language, but if you want to drive up your conversions, your landing page needs to be truthful.

2. Intriguing Subheader

In addition to the attention-grabbing headline, need to have a good subheader. The headline will get people interested, but the subheader keeps them engaged.

A good subheader is brief but expands upon the headline. It should provide important details of your product, service, or topic. Spend some time on it, and make sure it conveys the message you want.

3. Keep it Simple

Your landing page should be simple and easily understood. Don’t pack it full of a bunch of information. Make it tantalizing, and offer hints of what is beyond your landing page. You want visitors to wonder what else there is, and to sign up.

For instance, looking at the landing page for the hugely popular company Groupon. It contains very little information but still catches the eye. The headline is simply the name of the company (an advantage to having brand awareness) and the subheader provides the important details in a few short words.

In order to drive conversions, your landing page can’t overwhelm people. Provide them with the right information, not all of it. The rest of your content will be beyond your landing page.

4. Responsive Web Design

Within the next 5 years, mobile internet traffic will outstrip that of desktop traffic. It is becoming more important by the day to design your website for mobile first traffic using Responsive web design.

RWD architecture creates a responsive website that is prepared to handle multiple viewing platforms, from a desktop to a Smartphone. Older website design is optimized for desktop viewing only, with a second mobile-only site – an increasing antiquated method in the world of mobile-first.

A website designed using RWD will help drive up your conversions because it is more adaptable and easier to read. Its responsiveness makes it ideal for visitors to view your landing page from multiple platforms without degradation of quality.

5. Be Modern

Being modern doesn’t mean a flashy landing page with a bunch of gimmicks. Remember, be simple. A complex and information dense landing page that overwhelms visitors is likely to drive your landing page’s conversion rate down, instead of up.

Take the landing page for readitfor.me. Readitfor.me manages to make their page modern and trim, but still clearly targets three potential users: those who already utilize their services, those who are ready to begin using their services, and those who do not know what readitfor.me does.

Make large and easily identifiable “call to action” buttons and clearly display any pertinent information. Feel free to use arrows, colors, backgrounds and other directional cues clearly identify where you want visitors to click for more information.

Again, the goal here is to make the necessary information and steps to sign up obvious, without crowding your site with useless information.

6. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

As the old saying implies, a picture is capable of conveying a ton of information. A good image can tell you all about a product or service, without ever using actual words.

Instead of just pictures of your product or service, show people utilizing (and enjoying) your product. It adds a personal and human touch that is absent in pictures of simple products.

Make excellent use of pictures. Just through pictures on the landing page, you can get an understanding of what the company does.

7. Add Value

Visitors to your site may or may not know what your company does. Even if they do, most customers will need to know what they get by signing up for your site. A landing page should add value by telling customers why they should sign up for your product.

Adding value seems similar to the heading or subheading, but they are slightly different. A headliner and subheader should explain what your company does, while adding value refers to direct benefits a customer gets by signing up to your site.

Use your landing page to mention benefits a customer can get by signing up with your business, and watch your conversion rate skyrocket.

Ready to growth hack and increase your business conversion rate?

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