5 Points to Consider When Hiring App Developers

January 16, 2018 | Sakshi Sharma

Over the years technology has grown significantly and with that the number of technology companies. It seems there is a company for everything. One of the biggest technological advances over the last decade has been mobile apps. It has done wonders to make our lives easier as well as access information quickly, easily, and from anywhere.

Despite the high number of apps out there, people are still coming up with amazing ideas and creating successful apps. Whether you have a flicker of an idea or know exactly what you want to create and how you want it created a good app development company can help you. Once you start your search for app developers you will notice that there are a lot of app development companies to choose from. It can be hard to determine which one is the right one for you.

To help you decide if the companies you are considering is the best, consider the following 5 things:

1. Meaningful Discussion and Details

When you call and discuss your project they should provide you meaningful feedback and give you creative ideas to help make it even better. They should also give you details on the whole process of getting it developed so you know exactly what is involved. If all you hear is yes yes and yes, please pay and we will get started, its best to consider a different company.

2. Examples of Their Work

They should be able to show you examples of their work. Great companies have worked on many projects and have plenty of examples to give you. If they don’t provide you anything or if what they provide looks like it was made in the 90’s then they are not the company you want to hire.

3. Creating a Lasting Relationship

The company should be able to stay with you not only through the app design and development process but afterward as well. Really great companies offer services after your app is launched such as maintenance and hosting. Even better is a company that can help you market your app to get you traction. If they are there just to develop and move on, they are not focused on what is best for you and building a relationship, they just care about the money. Let’s be honest, who wants to work with someone like that.

4. UI/UX Focused

The company you find should not only be able to do the above mentioned but be able to provide a high-quality design for your app. They should fully understand how important UI/UX is to an app and its success. With that their creative team should explain the steps in creating the design for your project so you know exactly how it will be created. Of course, you will have the final say for what design you want but the team should be able to create beautiful options for you and work with you to make the user experience amazing.

5. Don’t Focus of the Cheapest Cost

Lastly, and probably the most important to most is cost. You have to make sure the development company can be a trusted partner and not a company that will take your money and give you the runaround. Many shop around trying to find the best price, unfortunately when it comes to app development, the right price can come with strings attached. One of the following things usually occurs when you go for the cheapest you can find.

a. You pay the upfront cost (which is usually 50% of the total project cost). The company then tells you they start work and after some time you try to contact them and they don’t respond back. You end up wasting money and time thinking they will finish but they don’t. Even if the company is working on it, it’s usually not exactly what you asked them to create, the code is bad, and you end up having to find someone else to fix everything. In the end, it ends up costing you double the amount of money.

b. You get your project started and the company seems to be creating your app, they provide fairly regular updates but at some point, they come back to you with a bunch of reasons why they need more money. Unless you pay that additional amount they won’t work on your app anymore. Usually, at this point, they drag out the project more and ask for more money multiple times. This, in the end, costs you way more than you would have with a reputable company.

Those are 2 of the biggest issues facing those who are trying to find an app development company. That is not to say you can’t find a decent company whose pricing is low but it is quite difficult, so take precaution. Although it can seem off-putting, you can find plenty of great development companies to complete your project the way you want with a decent price tag.

A good balance of price and quality is a company that has its management office in the US (or country with similar business standards) and has its development team in India (or country with similar low-cost developers). This will give you a median price range but with a company, you can trust. Keeping all these points in mind when speaking with app development companies will ensure you choose the one that is right for you. Call Rob LaPointe on 408.805.0495 or email team@sdi.la to find some of the best and most cost-effective App developers.

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