4 Ways Artificial Intelligence can Help your Website and Business

February 6, 2018 | Sakshi Sharma

You may not realize this, but all of us in some way have used or have associated with Artificial Intelligence. Sometimes it can be hard to tell such as; a phone call which sounds like a real person who is actually responding to what you say or even an online customer service portal that answers your questions. We may not be living in a world like the films iRobot or Ex Machina right now, but we are constantly moving forward with AI to a point where that could be a reality.

AI technology comes in handy for many different businesses, especially ones with a website. There are many ways and reasons to use AI to help better your online business no matter how big or small. Here are 4 ways you can use AI to help your business:

1. Customer Service

If you have a business where you need to provide customer service, either on the phone or through online chat, and artificial intelligence bot will definitely help save you time and money. It will definitely help answer any questions or concerns customers have.

A great one to use is Conversable especially because it’s one of the most powerful tools to use. The big downfall is that it’s really only available to large corporate type companies. For those of you who aren’t large you can use tools like inbenta to give your customers the experience of talking with a real human.

2. Writing Blogs & Presentations

If you are like most you want to bring in a lot of customers and you probably know that having good content and blogging definitely helps SEO. Many times writing blogs and articles can be frustrating and paying someone to write them can be expensive. This also goes for creating documents and information for the people within your company. Being able to take your basic bullet-point data and turning it into something meaningful is key.

There are multiple great AI writing tools out there but Quill is one that tops the list. This is tailored more towards the data to the presentation aspect where you can give it some information and it will create the meaning behind it making it easier for you. Perfect for providing real info to employees and for big presentations.

For blogs Contentop is a great tool to help you with those articles you just can’t seem to write. All you really have to do here is pick the subject matter. You don’t even have to search or scour the internet for information because this AI tech will do it for you, saving you a lot of time and effort.

3. Sales

Everyone knows sales can be a very difficult job. In rare cases it’s easy, but for the most part, it’s a struggle to remember every detail about every product. Every business needs customers and getting those customers requires some form of selling. This particular AI isn’t something used directly on your website but can still help with providing the best information on your website for possible customers.

A great option to help your sales team is Nudge, which takes a large amount of data that is gathered all over the web to provide the most important sales points. A sales professional can easily use this to provide potential customers with details that is exactly what they’re looking for.

4. E-Commerce

There are some pretty great AI tools for E-commerce websites. Many can be quite complicated to use so unless you understand coding it can be very frustrating. Your customers have a lot of options out there on the web. That can make it difficult for any business to seem better or different so a little understanding goes a long way.

To help you understand your customers and what they want you can check out Choice.ai. This is an amazing AI toolkit that automatically adjusts your website based on your specific customer’s likes. Between the widgets and user preferences, there are many things to be excited about when creating an amazing experience for your customers.

There may be many options for you out there but these are just a few top AI’s to help your business. Remember your online presence is very important and these tools can greatly help with your success. If you need more information about AI and website development for your business call us on 408.805.0495 or contact us at team@sdi.la

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