2016 Predictions: The Next Big Thing in Technology

April 5, 2016 | Raj Srivastav

Technology makes the world go ‘round. For untold millennia, technology is what pushed civilizations forward. It started with the invention of agricultural technologies of the ancient hunter-gatherer tribes and is still going on today. Advancements in tech save lives, advance society and make the world a better place.

As a CEO of a company that makes its business in the world of tech, I need to not only keep up with all ongoing trends in the world of tech, but I need to be able to see what’s coming. My success and the success of my business is highly dependent upon me and my technology predictions. And my 10,000 clients, 4000+ projects, and 15+ years of running a successful business is a testament to my ability to predict the future.

So, let’s take a look at what I am predicting will be the next big things in technology for 2016.

Virtual Reality (VR)

While VR has been talked about for decades, it appears that the time is finally here. Recent advances in tech have made VR an achievable reality. Even more striking has been the rise in Augmented Reality (AR). Projects like Google’s Cardboard are already pushing further innovation in the the arena of AR. What is really needed now are apps to take advantage of this rising tides.

Both AR and VR have the potential to revolutionize many industries, but there are a few in particular that really stand to benefit:

• Healthcare and Medicine

Doctors have long been using limited VR technologies to teach and train better health practitioners. But VR has reached the point where it can completely change the way we practice medicine. Imagine a VR app that is capable of creating digital bodies, each afflicted by various digital diseases? Imagine how much better doctors can be if they’ve had realistic, practically indistinguishable from the real thing, training.

• Tourism

Apps for tourist locations will not only provide a way for countries to advertise themselves as tourist destinations. This is different from a commercial though – this is an immersive experience. Heck, app makers could generate even more money by creating fully-fledged VR replicas of Egypt’s Pyramids for those travellers on a budget.


Gaming is the big one here. Obviously there is a lot of excitement about the power of immersive, complete VR gaming environments for everything from First Person Shooters to Role Playing Games. Contact us today to get started on your VR Gaming App!

Wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Wearables are really taking off this year, especially as new tech like Amazon’s Echo make the IoT ever more real and present. Wearables are a unique new platform for app development and represent a whole new opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs alike.

Wearables have a wide range of uses, especially as the IoT in 2016 grows larger. From devices like Fitbit to devices that monitor an infant’s vital signs through a pacifier, Wearable Tech trends in 2016 are proliferating at a staggering rate. I predict that within 10 years, Wearables will be as common and useful as SmartPhones are today – possibly even replacing SmartPhones at some point in the future

As Wearable technology grows in usefulness, the need for apps to interact and manage these devices will grow. To put this in better terms, the point we are at with Wearable tech in 2016 is the equivalent to where we were with the iPhone in 2008: on the cusp of creating a new trillion dollar industry. Don’t get left behind.

Smart TVs

This may be a surprising trend, but we’re starting to see a lot of notice being paid attention to Smart TVs – another result of the growing presence of the IoT! I predict that Smart TVs will be the norm by 2020 and the need for apps to interact and control these connected TVs will grow.

Apps for this new breed of televisions stand to be highly successful when designed by people who know what they are doing. More so, over 90% of US Americans already utilize a second screen while watching TV. Why is this important? Because one of the most important rules in design is to create interfaces that mesh with established habits and systems.

Creating an app for second screen experiences will fit with what your users are already doing. The less risk and effort your app poses, the more likely it is to be adopted to one’s daily habits. Believe me when I say that Smart TVs and Second Screen Apps are the next big thing in TV technologies.

Programming Languages 2016

With more than 50% of Glassdoor’s list of in-Demand professions in 2016 involve programming, you know it’s going to be a big trend. Apple is moving away from Objective C and C++ towards their own programming language Swift. This new programming language was released relatively recently, but is already revolutionizing how iOS development is conducted. Get in touch with us to learn how to make Swift work for you. At SDI we ensure to develop an app for you that will succeed get a free quote today.

Your Tech Partners

From the irrigation technologies of India and Sri Lanka to the architecture of Ancient China to the philosophy and medicine to the Greeks, to the Internet of the modern era, technology changes the world slowly as well as in leaps and bounds. Technology is always an investment with a high reward, but an equally high risk.

That’s why we’re here – to mitigate that risk with informed strategies, experienced teams, and high quality design and development. Our expertise ranges from Software, Websites and Apps, to Marketing and Monetization strategies.

We are Silicon Valley’s development company – let us work for you! We provide entrepreneurs, startups and SMB’s a complete solution at affordable pricing. Get a free consultation, call today at 408.805.0495 or send us an email us at team@sdi.la – All information shared with us is kept 100% confidential.

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