Is IT Ready? Enterprise Apps Riding High in Business Circles
Is IT Ready? Enterprise Apps Riding High in Business Circles
Enterprise mobility has become a central component for many successful businesses. The advantages and capabilities provided by mobile apps can improve older business processes. But as with any such change, adoption and distribution can be slow within the corporate structure. Without proper preparation, no company can enjoy the benefits of mobility. What are the advantages of enterprise mobile apps?. • Increase employee productivity. • Improve use of data analytics to track trends. • Streamline processes. One of the most attractive aspects of an enterprise app is its potential to increase productivity, as well as employee satisfaction, by eliminating frustrations and slowdowns which occur in older solutions. Primarily this is accomplished due to the decreased restrictions on how/where the employee can accomplish a specified goal, thanks to the literal mobility which an app provides. The needs for each business’ productivity apps will be different, but creative use of mobile features can ensure success in any environment. Here are some key steps How to build an Enterprise app Is IT Ready? Many times, business app ideas get stuck at an IT bottleneck. If an organization isn’t set up to handle the needs and challenges of modern mobile software, the bottleneck is very reasonable. The solution is to be proactive in preparing your IT systems to be compatible with the addition of mobile apps into the workflow. Mobile Device Management Most companies already employee MDM, but to adequately pave the way for enterprise app adoption, it is a true necessity. IT needs to be able to monitor and administer individual employee devices to ensure compatibility and security. In a totally free-form BYOD environment, it is likely that you will encounter numerous compatibility issues which will be specific to individual employees. Similarly, mobile devices introduce a lot of security problems which need to be addressed if they are slated to become central work devices. Having adequate MDM tools and policies already in place will allow the app to adapt to your systems, rather than forcing IT to adapt to the app. Cloud/Server Infrastructure Making the most of a mobile app usually means hooking it up to the cloud to grant ubiquitous, synchronized access to company data. If you already have policies and procedures in place for managing cloud assets then there will be a lot less friction in the move over to a mobile solution. You’ll simply have a more convenient gateway for accessibility.

Enterprise App Stores

An enterprise app store is the best solution for distributing an internal mobile app and managing users. Enterprise app stores allow you to manage employee accounts to ensure proper and secure access to each app you create. You can combine this with analytics to create useful admin tools which can help keep track of employee usage trends. Obviously, you won’t need this until you need it, but the distribution system has to be in place before you can hope to shift employees onto apps. If IT has the right assets and policies in place, creating and adopting a mobile app will be a streamlined process that can bring huge benefits to your business. This is the future of business productivity. Here are some leading ways you can make your product get ahead of the competition and understand why Enterprise apps are the next big thing! If you are interested in building mobile apps for your business to get ahead, get in touch with Software Developers India at 408.802.2885, or email for a free consultation from one of our experienced enterprise app strategists.

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