Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies

Are you thinking about accepting bitcoins and cryptocurrencies on your website or app? Then, this blog will guide you through the best possible reasons to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to expand your customer base. With the meteoric rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency values, many business owners have understood the need for integrating this into their business. Digital currency is very secure and fast and virtually eliminates chargebacks and exposure to fraud to a maximal extent. As per a global estimate, 80,000 businesses already accept bitcoins and cryptocurrency which helped them in cutting down their cost and boosting their bottom line.

Understanding Bitcoins And Cryptocurrency Better

Bitcoins or cryptocurrency is based on peer to peer (P2P) technology, where it is basically decentralized in nature. This process is not regulated by any banks or government, where buyers can transfer funds to the sellers without any influence from a third party or stipulated payment process. In a nutshell, the bitcoin or cryptocurrency cut out the middleman for transactions where you store your digital money without depending on someone to safeguard it. You will, however, have an encryption for which you will have a key for it. Now, let’s dive deeper into how you can start accepting bitcoins and cryptocurrencies as a business owner. 1. Set Up Your Merchant Wallet Account: The process of accepting digital currency get started with setting up a merchant wallet account. There are numerous merchant wallet providers like Coingate, SpectroCoin, GOURL, Bitpay, and Coinbase which could be set up in minutes. They have customizable portals that automatically convert cryptocurrency into your base currency. You should research your customer base and their desired cryptocurrencies before you select your merchant wallet since some wallets only accept Bitcoin and some accept all. 2. Integrate Your Cryptocurrency system to your website or mobile app: Most of the merchant wallets provide online payment plugins, shopping carts, check out pages and API’s which can be easily integrated with your Web app or mobile app. SDI has an immersive experience in creating and developing mobile apps and web apps that your customers and clients will love to use over and over again to provide you the best value of adhering to a fully digitalized business. 3. Integrate The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Transactions To Your Accounting Software: There is numerous accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero which allows you to integrate the bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions which give you complete control of your accounting process. The taxation process for the invoices completely depends upon the country your business exists in. Most countries have their own documentation on the practices of digital currency transactions. Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Bitcoins And Cryptocurrency: 1. Empower Your Customer Experience: Accepting these on your website and app helps you in offering a unique and alternate payment option that best matches their needs and wants. More than this, bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions offer your customers an extra layer of protection for their information as well. 2. Increase Sales And Revenue: Augmenting the power of bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions for your business could increase your sales potential since it is easier to acquire customers globally due to its decentralized nature of transactions. There are more chances for your business to have an international exposure and thus increasing your customer base. 3. Lower Your Transaction Fees: Probably one of the best benefits of accepting this on your website and mobile app is that the potential reduction of transaction fees. The transaction fees incurred on credit card and debit card transactions are comparatively higher than what they spend in bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions. This is one of the main reasons for which most business owners are interested in switching to this model. 4. Fraud Prevention: Using bitcoins and cryptocurrency, there is no need for your customers to provide their identity and disclose information. This is a great advantage for your customers since there are so many fraudulent attributes concerned with a credit card and other transaction methods. Thus, you can streamline your business better than ever. 5. Avoiding Chargebacks: The purchases made with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are final and so it protects the merchants from fraudulent chargebacks. It is not possible for the third party to reverse any charges which help the merchants save their money. SDI has vast experience in closely following the bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem to help businesses like you to leverage the benefits of having this alternative payment model. Our bitcoin and cryptocurrency app development team does considerable research in developing solutions that match your business needs and wants. Call our experts today for a free consultation at 408.802.2885/408.621.8481 – or click to contact us.

Build A Website and a App For Your Custom/Ready Furniture Business

First and foremost technology is a key factor that affects a businesses ability to communicate with its customers. After hours service is a key factor in today’s busy business environment. It provides a superior customer experience and nurtures your brand identity.

If you are planning to start your own custom furniture business, then leveraging the power of web applications and mobile apps would be the best choice to start with. Customers nowadays are opting to shop and purchase from the comfort of their home.

Therefore, as a custom furniture business owner, you have to have an online presence which engages your customer more towards your brand and thus increasing your revenue potential exponentially.

Developing A Website For Your Custom Furniture Business

Web sites offer more specific and helpful information for your business and have the capability to turn your online visitors into potential customers. Being a custom/ready furniture business owner, you should understand the needs of having a website that could fuel your business possibilities and help you with expanding your brand globally.

There are two types of website ideas that you have to look for, one which is geared towards selling your products online and the other simply provides information about who you are and what you do. You have to choose either one of these based on your vision and mission for your custom furniture business.

1. E-commerce Websites For Your Custom Furniture Business

The main purpose of the E-commerce website is that it allows you to sell furniture and related items online. Building a successful E-commerce marketplace for your business involves leveraging the best possible integrations of the latest online upselling & closing techniques that have the potential to convert your online visitors into customers. SDI has more than a decade of experience in offering E-commerce solutions to clients globally in tools like Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Joomla and powering their sales potential.

2. Informative Websites For Your Custom Furniture Business

The informative/descriptive centric website allows your customer to find the basic details of your product range, pricing, location, your partner and affiliate details. These kinds of websites can help you improve your brand visibility globally. There are amazing SEO packages available to boost websites which will help increase your visitors on a daily basis and thus continually allowing your business to grow.

Building A User-Centric Mobile App for your Furniture Business

We live in the mobile era where the number of smartphone users is potentially more than the number of desktop users. Consequently, businesses have realized the need to effectively leverage the mobile channels to boost their branding and customer base. Furniture business owners can streamline every stage of their sales, fitting and aftercare services via mobile apps.

Furniture shop mobile apps offer tailored and custom solutions that match your customers’ expectations and thus provides them a personalized experience with increased user engagement. You can provide customized recommendations and offers to your customers ensuring a high range of customer conversions.

In a nutshell, having a mobile app for your furniture business will help you with the following:

    1. Branding: Mobile apps are highly personalized and are tailored to specific user needs and demands which helps your business offer a new branding experience to your customers.

    2. Best Marketing Tool: Mobile apps are a great source of marketing these days due to the increased number of smartphone users globally. Push notifications, custom recommendations and offers are some noteworthy features of having a mobile app for your business.

    3. Ability To Perform Offline:This is one of the most distinctive features of having a mobile app. It allows the user to access the basic content and functions even when they are offline.

    4. Guaranteed Customer Conversions:If you are looking to increase your customer conversions, mobile apps would be the best source to push maximum amount of users into the sales conversion funnel.

Nowadays, users spend a substantial amount of time on their smartphones and reaching them by the medium which they have been already addicted to can only help your brand.

Transform Your Custom Furniture Business Today

To enhance your brand’s reputation for being trendy and fashion forward, connect with technology to make your business process more intuitive so it offers a high degree of connectivity to your customers. SDI has great experience in offering innovative and customer-centric mobile apps and Web development solutions to enterprises, start-ups, entrepreneurs & small/mid-sized firms.

Reach out to one of our business transformation experts for a free consultation at: 408.802.2885/408.621.8481 – or click to contact us

5 Awesome Tips To Learn Coding Early

Coding is one of the in-demand skills that you definitely need to learn early in your career. You want to be at the top of your field and understanding coding can only give you an advantage with career prospects. To get started with coding, all you need is a vision and futuristic thinking blended with dedication and innovative thoughts. It’s like learning a new language which takes a time and practice.

Whether you are an aspiring self-taught developer, pursuing your degree in computers or a school scholar with a passion to code apps, it is essential to have a reliable learning system that enables you to master the craft of coding. On the other hand, there numerous coding languages that can make it difficult to decide which one to choose.

These five tips will help you determine what and how you want to code.

1. Know Why You Want To Code?

Everyone has their own reason for learning to code. Analyzing and exploring the reason you want to learn will direct you first to determine the time and effort you have to devote to learning. If you want to learn the basics of coding, you don’t need to invest in an intensive coding boot camp. Instead, you can actually buy books and learn that way. It seems simple but believes it or not there are a vast amount of coding books that will help you become fluent in coding. Focusing your efforts on 1 language and putting in the time to be a pro will give you the best opportunities in the job market.

2. Choose The Right Language

There is nothing called “The best” programming language. Every programming language has its own pros and cons. You have to select your area of interest depending upon the objectives of learning computer programming. For example, if you want to become an iOS developer, you have to learn the Swift language.

Some languages are more beginner friendly than others whereas other languages have a much higher learning curve. In general, most of the coding languages are similar and share some base concepts that are common. Picking up one and mastering it will create a space to learn and adapt to new programming languages as well.

3. Learn Coding In Small Chunks

Learning the core concepts of the language is very crucial since this forms the fundamental concept of coding any kind of application. Sharpening and owning the core skills will help you solve and create powerful codes. Spend your time getting an introductory grasp of the coding language, going through the tutorials, deleting the tutorials and then coding it from the scratch.

To complete your first coding project from scratch, break it up into simple chunks or steps and code it accordingly. If you are not getting through it with that method, try alternate methodologies that until you find the one that works best for you. Patience and consistency are the two greatest assets to become a successful programmer.

4. Ask for Help From Mentors And Peers

Feedback plays a major role in learning anything new. Your mentors and peers an be an awesome support system to increase your coding capabilities. A fresh pair of eyes may predict the bugs and errors in your code and thus help you to re-engineer your coding capabilities.

Whether online or in person, get clarification from your mentors and peers ignoring the trolls because every programmer has been in your shoes before. The programming community in general loves to share their knowledge with everyone and thus never hesitates any questions you may have.

5. Leverage The Online Resources And Tools

Recently, Grasshopper – a learn to code app from Google’s internal incubator, Area 120 has been released which will amaze the beginners who are planning to code. This platform is a more interactive way of learning to code with impressive curriculum with real-time feedback options.

StackOverflow – A website that needs no introductions is also an excellent source to scale your coding skills. Likewise, there are tons of developer forums and communities where you can seek expert advice and get your questions clarified. The online resources are endless for learning programming skills.

Need more assistance to start your career as a coder? Then, ask the experts – SDI us a call at 408.802.2885/408.621.8481 – or click to contact us.

Build an App for Your Cleaning or Maid Services Company

The importance of mobile apps in our everyday life is undeniably unending and this wonderful technological innovation is helping us to stay organized. Today, cleaning and maid services have become one of the largest marketplace services. Entrepreneurs have more opportunities to establish a successful business. Leveraging the power of mobile apps will help you to be on the competitive curve by offering your customers amazing digital experiences.

Need Of An App For Your Cleaning or Maid Services Company

Are you the owner or CEO of an existing cleaning or maid services company with a team of fully vetted professionals? Try giving your business a mobile app in order to create an unmatchable platform for your customers to order/request service in an easy and organized way. With mobile apps, your entire business model is automated and you can focus on growing your business nationwide without spending time in managing the request, time, and overheads. The major reasons to build an app for your cleaning or maid services businesses are:

1. Mobile Apps Simplify Your Operations:

You can optimize and simplify your cleaning or maid services business by enabling yourself to centralize the services that are tailored to your unique needs.

2. Bookings made better:

Your customers can book appointments for their cleaning needs or available maid services with a single tap. No more calls or emails that are more complicated for customers. The app offers them a superior customer experience from the start.

3. Task tracking:

Running a cleaning business is a really big deal. Keep your time and task schedule tidy by doing it through a mobile app. This will streamline your operations giving you more time to focus on other important items that you may not of had time for before.

4. Maps to track client location better:

A customized mobile app allows your employees to move better by tracking the customers’ addresses more efficiently through geo-tracking. This saves you a lot of time and supports you in focussing on core activities.

5. Payment Gateway Integration:

Payments and transactions can be faster and easier for the maid services you provide using mobile secure payment options. No more waiting for customers to pay or doing it over the phone where mistakes happen. They can pay right in the app and you will have a simple way of tracking, viewing, and receiving your payments.

6. In-app Messaging:

Mobile app bridges the gap between your business and customers by providing in-app messaging services where you could instantly reply to the queries customers have about your service. This helps in fostering customer engagement and can lead to more positive customer responses. Just think, your Yelp reviews will be on top giving you an edge over your competitors.

7. Brand Recognition:

There are many brands that are in the marketplace with their own brand positioning. Mobile apps have a greater capacity to foster your brand and be at the competitive edge. You already have a business and a brand but this helps push you further giving you more visibility.

Customers Ability

With a customized mobile app for your cleaning or maid services business, your customers can:

1. View the list of home-based services closest to their location

2. Book and schedule the service they require online with a single tap

3. Find your employees to know who would be cleaning for them

4. Rate, review and recommend your Business to their family, friends, and colleagues

5. Compare the pricing & quality factors offered versus your competitors

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App?

The customer behavior has changed drastically in this digital era. People expect VIP treatment and won’t accept anything less than that. If you are an existing cleaning or maid services business owner or an entrepreneur who is planning to start your own home services business, it’s essential to tap the mobile technology to meet the customer’s needs and requirements.

The cost of mobile app ranges according to numerous parameters like the UI/UX, platform selection – iOS or Android, features you want to add and the backend specifications you require.

Prices usually start around $2000 but it depends on how many features you want. Each project cost varies based on many different factors. You can ask one of SDI’s specialists who will help determine your project features and the cost associated with it.

SDI has more than a decade of experience in offering intuitive mobile app development by blending technologies to meet the unique needs of your business. We help you to accelerate the time to market and reach your customers as fast as possible ensuring high ROI.

Talk with Sakshi Sharma at 408.621.8481 now to learn how much your app will cost. You can also submit this contact us form as well.