3 Ways to Build an App for Politics [Part 2]

October 27, 2016 | Rob LaPointe

Earlier this week, we talked about an educational app for the active citizen. But there is more than one way to create an app for politics and today we’re going to talk about 2 other ways. One will be from the perspective of our Chief Technical Officer, and the other will be from the perspective of our Design & Marketing lead.

So without further ado, let’s talk about how to build an app to help with local ballots.

How to Build an App for Ballot Info by Sachin Nayak

We’re all busy people here, right? After all, this is a blog for startup CEOs, SMB owners and entrepreneurs. But this doesn’t mean we don’t want to be responsible, informed voters. However it does mean that sitting down and reading our ballots is not exactly a simple task.

So why is there a solution to this problem? We all have it. You don’t even have to be in a startup to be pinched on time. So thinking on this problem led me to thinking how to make an app to fix the issue – perhaps not surprisingly since most of my life revolves around making apps! So let’s talk about some of the technologies I’ve identified as being necessary to this problem:

• It will need spiders capable of collecting ballot information from the actual government website, and will need to display it in a readable format on user’s phone

• The ability to drill down by location. Users need to be able to view what’s on the National or State ballots; but in order to make this app really valuable, it needs to be able to use a phone’s geolocation to provide local, municipal balloting information.

• Audio functionality would be an excellent feature for this app. Often, the only free time I have is on the road, so it would be nice to just have the information read to me on my drive.

So those are some of the coolest features I’d like to see in a voting app – but if you have some more ideas to add, feel free to email us!

Fact Checking App by Heather Stugen

We all know that politicians in general and especially this year have a…let’s call it less than intimate relationship with the truth. As a result, fact checking has become an exceptionally hot topic. And, since I am a UX/UI Designer and a Digital Marketer, I always keep my finger of the pulse of the people.

So I got to thinking about creating an app that I could use to check on the accuracy of political statements made. Something that offered unbiased truth with actual facts. This is actually a pretty monumental project, involving combing multiple databases and creating a way to vet sources. But the value it would provide would be quite exceptional (i.e. it would make you money!)

Additionally, we would need to write an algorithm that searched the web for the trendiest political topics. After all, we want to stay relevant. In order to accomplish that, we will need to keep abreast of the current topics. I envision a home screen presenting the latest topics talked about, with links to check up on the honesty of the statements.

Of course there would also be other features – anything from an honesty rating by politician and the ability to search. But I’m not going to tell you all of my ideas – you’ll have to reach out to us for all of our secrets!

Silicon Valley’s App Development Company

Each one of these ideas, from and Education app, to a Ballot App, to a fact-checking app is not only a great Entrepreneurial idea, but a great way to give back to our society. Additionally, There’s no reason these 3 ideas can’t be combined into one jumbo app.

In fact, this is can be turned into an excellent growth strategy. If you were to start just the education portion, you could grow steadily into each other area we discussed. This is not only a way to sustainably and safely add incredible value to your app. Plus, it’s a great way to attract outside investment: VCs and Angel Investors love a solid business plan with clearly identified and obtainable growth goals

Ready to build your own money making app? Give us a call at 408.805.0495/408.621.8481 or contact us online now.

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