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Divining the Future of Technology from Silicon Valley
Divining the Future of Technology from Silicon Valley

Is it actually possible to predict the future? Well, sometimes, if you happen to be sitting in the right place at the right time. At SDI we are fortunate to be in the heart of Silicon Valley, just a few miles down from Apple, Google, and Facebook headquarters, not to mention the innumerable midsize tech companies down the street, and the hundreds of startups that stream by our office every month.

We used to think of ourselves as App Builders, creating designs & software for anyone needing an innovative, dynamic team on hire. Now watching 2014 in the rearview mirror it’s obvious that the parade of entrepreneurs can use more help in how to take the next step in making their creations successful in the marketplace.

Our Sales Accelerator is taking shape and we are working with clients whom we think have great prospects, and helping them push the pedal down to get more users, downloads, and revenues. The key, of course, is to make sure they are heading in the right direction, otherwise like lemmings they could accelerate right over a cliff! Which brings us back to our first statement—can we predict the direction of the market for 2015? Given our pole position in the tech races, I think so. So here goes…

Thanks to lower oil prices there will be a boom in the public markets of companies that provide real value. The biggest disrupter in 2015 in the public market will likely be Xiaomi. Xiao-who? The baddest mobile phone company that’s already giving Samsung a run for their money, will blow a hole in Apple’s strategy too. For $65 you will soon be able to get an LTE Smartphone based on Android. Compare that to an order of magnitude more expensive iPhone! Of course, there will be other disrupters thanks to the munificence of the public markets, e.g. Box has announced (again!) that they are going public, and when they raise capital they will start spreading their largesse by buying out smaller players.

The coolest news came in as I was writing this. We have been saying this since last year ever since we started partnering with Moxtra, that messaging will take over the platform space. Line the most popular messaging app in Asia is now launching an Uber-killer. Hail taxi’s and pay for them as easily as sending a message from your smartphone. The fluidity of mobile commerce will make even Amazon wake up. Now combine this with Bitcoin-like apps and we are talking true disruption. It is very likely that 2015 will see Blockchain/Bitcoin payment protocols and solutions take off like a rocket. Everyone, everywhere is sick of overbearing government pressure and peer-to-peer solutions are an extremely tempting tool.

The enterprise sector will continue to evolve nicely with mobile apps and cloud based apps breaking the logjam of uninspiring centralized IT. The healthcare sector will definitely see patient-centered solutions take over more & more of the interactions; dinosaur hospital applications like Epic will be forced into the corner and left to atrophy as they well deserve to.

Wearables, and other gadgets will continue to move onwards & upwards. Not radically, but definitely with some forward momentum. If you want to catch this tsunami when it finally hits you have to cruise the waves that are obviously coming with Watches, IoT, Bands, and connected everythings. And lastly, and not by any means the least, anything that improves security will be a big hit.

To stay ahead of the curve and catch the next big mobile & web commerce trends connect with Software Developer India – here. Not only will we help you design & build it, we can even get you to market with those all important first customers. Contact us at team@sdi.la.

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