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10  More “Must Have” iPhone Apps
10 More “Must Have” iPhone Apps

Every day there are neat apps being published on the app store, some big, some small, some with niche audiences, some with mass appeal. Among these many new releases, each year we find a few apps that bring new ideas and enrich lives in unique ways, or that build upon existing ideas to provide better services. The app world marches on, and if you haven’t taken a peek at what’s on offer these days, you might be missing out on the latest & greatest app experiences.

Here’s my bucket list of new & trending iPhone apps you should check out.

Trivia Crack: Hot new game app has been trending up lately, and is now sitting at the #1 position in iTunes top Paid & Top Free lists. Trivia Crack turns classic fun of trivia games into a social-mobile experience, pitting players head-to-head in Trivia competitions. The questions are hugely varied, localized, and the art is fun and compelling. It all adds up to a great experience for trivia-lovers.

Orange Harp: Stylish shopping for a modern generation. Buy goods straight from the makers, knowing that everything is high quality and ethically produced. This is an app for socially conscious shoppers, providing a great service and even better peace of mind.

iScape: a Valuable tool for homeowners who need to get a fresh vision for their yard or landscape. Save time and money by visualizing your new landscape before you break ground. Without this app, landscaping ideas can be extremely difficult to convey to others, which makes the whole process far more stressful than it needs to be.

YPlan: Currently only available in New York, SF, and London, this little app is the best tool available for finding awesome events, even at the last minute. YPlan provides a curated list of events and allows users to book tickets with just a couple of taps (with multiple payment options, including Apple Pay). YPlan enables spontaneity by giving you access to hot events and entertainment whenever you’re ready to go.

VideoDate: This dating app uses a proprietary video-calling platform to facilitate a unique, integrated social experience. No other app puts you face to face with your matches like this one. Though there is certainly competition in the dating app field, customers are always looking for new tools, and VideoDate provides. (The development team at Software Developers India is a Pro at building dating apps, connect with them here to get one today)

Yammer: This is a new communication and productivity app from Microsoft which aims to bring social mobile tools into the enterprise, where security is key. Yammer is a new way to handle your company’s internal communication and networking, and definitely worth checking out.

Timeline: “New in context.” This app is well designed and easy to navigate, but what really makes it special is the efforts which the editorial team put into gathering meaningful stories and putting them in a context by linking them to past news. News evolves over time, and this app helps keep that in perspective.

Cord: This social media/messaging app eschews the usual trend toward text messages and instead lets users send quick voice messages back and forth, or blasted out to groups. It feels new and different, and if you can get comfortable with it, the speed and personality advantages when using voice messages is enormous.

Grabb: This mobile restaurant ordering platform is designed to help customers avoid waiting in lines and streamlines orders & payments with a digital toolkit. It’s only available for the Toronto area at the moment, but just take a look at those app designs! Great idea and beautiful design mean this app is destined for greatness. (Another trend-setting app powered by Software Developers India)

Weather Cal: The “Cal” in the name is short for calendar—and once you know that, it shouldn’t be too hard to guess what this app provides: weather forecasts that integrate with your calendar and help you understand exactly what the weather means for your schedule. This is an amazing combination of two basic features that fit together to make something that is far more than just a sum of the parts.

If you’ve got more iPhone apps to add to this bucket list, you can tweet @SoftwaredevIn to let me know. And for all you entrepreneurs out there, we’re rooting for your apps too! Whether you’ve got a finished product or just an idea, don’t be shy about saying hi! You can reach out to me and my team by email at team@sdi.la.

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